June 15, 2009 – Vancouver, Washington – 12:30 to 12:45 PM PDT


Description: I was walking along the side walk when I looked up to see what looked like a star, but as close as an airplane would be. It was a sunny day, but slightly cloudy so vision was pretty clear. I stared at it to see if was a plane when a plane suddenly appeared from behind it so the plane was further up than the light. It was moving south very slowly. It was about the size of a marble when held out at arm’s length. Then it slowly started to dim out in a flickering manner as if a light bulb was burning out. Then it disappeared only to show up directly above me with two more lights on either side of the first. They were arranged in a triangular fashion until another one blinked into view. Then it was a diamond shape made from these four lights. They didn’t seem to be spinning or emanating anything. They just hovered there for a few minutes before two more showed up about two miles off to the left of the diamond shape formation. Then they all just disappeared at once. All the lights where the same size and color. They were a bright white, but metallic like a shiny looking light. There was no identifiable surface just a self contained light within these spherical shapes in the sky. No noise was emmitted, but I was around a busy intersection during the occurence.

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