June 18, 2014 – Newton Abbot Devon, United Kingdom – 3:22 PM GMT

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Description: Hi Bill: Take a look at this. I am Gobsmacked. I have never seen anything like this before. It appears to be a Square UFO with bat-like wings. Have you ever seen or heard of anything like this? What the heck is it? The photo was taken ‎18 ‎June ‎2014, 3:22 PM GMT, Newton Abbot Devon. I have hundreds of UFO photos that I have taken to analysis. This is awesome. Thanks Bill

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One Response to June 18, 2014 – Newton Abbot Devon, United Kingdom – 3:22 PM GMT

  1. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    This is birds, insects, or airborne debris. If you’re taking this many photos of UFOs, please get us one that is clear and unambiguous.

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