June, 1996 – Marysville, Washington – 4 PM PDT

Description: I was at my sister in-law’s house in Marysville, Washington and we were in the backyard visiting when my niece asked me what was in the sky. I looked and said it’s probably a hang glider and went back to talking with my family. A while later I noticed it was still there so we went to the car to get our video camera that we brought to take family pictures and by the time we got the camera it took off up into the clouds. I didn’t see it move because we just went to get the camera that only took a minute and assumed it would be in the same spot, but it went way far up in the clouds with in a minutes time. It was very hard to get it on video, but my husband finally was able to film it. It was a perfect V shaped object and in the video you can make out lights all around it. It just sat up in the sky and didn’t move and it was a slightly windy day. You could see the clouds blowing in front of it. My husband did take a really good video of it and we have it to this day. The object just stayed in the sky. We went inside to eat and when we came back out it would still be there. I have shown my family and friends and there’s no explanation, but that is a UFO.

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