June 2, 2012 – Oakdale, California – 8:20 PM PDT

Photo & Enlargement of Object. (Object Was Not Seen by Witness.)

Photo & Enlargement of Object. (Object Was Not Seen by Witness.)

Description: I had spent the day with my niece at her home on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012. The day was calm and there was a lot of spraying being done by planes in the sky all day over Oakdale, CAand the mountains toward the east. So I had been looking up at the sky all that afternoon and taking photos of all the long lines crisscrossing the blue sky and making large X patterns. So when leaving my niece’s home, I turned around and took a look up at the sky and noticed the white clouds just hanging around and I decided to take some photos. So we stopped walking as I took my cell phone out of my purse. I positioned the cell phone camera and got a good layout of the sky. After taking the picture I immediately went to my photo file on my cell phone to see how the photo turned out. When looking at the photo we both said: ”what the heck is that!” I immediately took another photo of the same spot in the sky and looked at the photo. Nothing was there. We thought let’s put some mascara on the cell phone lens to see if we could duplicate this same spot, but we were not able to do so. We have a photo of that too. It is just a smudge on the photo and nothing like the first photo.

When I enlarge the photo on my cell phone, you can see some wave like appearance around the object. It looks like gas vapors. (Just a comparison my niece said.) Anyway, I wanted to share the photo and hope to hear back from you.

Note: The witness is to be commended for trying the “mascara experiment.” Clearly the witness took a photo of a round object. Analysis indicates that the photo has not been tampered with and the subsequent photos do not show the object. What could this object be? It is not a weather balloon because it is much later than the launch window. It could be a commercial balloon, but I don’t know what type.

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4 Responses to June 2, 2012 – Oakdale, California – 8:20 PM PDT

  1. Ben Garfield says:

    It could be a tennis ball?

    • T.R. says:

      Sir: No one was playing tennis in this neighborhood. When I was taking the photograph, my niece who is 38 years old was looking at the spot I was going to photograph. If it was a tennis ball, she would have seen it go by!


  2. Terry Rumore says:

    I just wanted to state that there were no balloons in the sky when I took the photo. My niece was standing right by my side and looking up as I snapped the photo. If my niece would have seen a balloon, she would have said something. Plus, when taking a photo with a cell phone you see the photo perfectly before snapping the picture. So, I would have seen the black round object on my cell phone display and it was not there.

    Thanks for posting my photo. I really appreciate this site.

    • Administrator says:

      Your points are well taken. I don’t have an explanation for what you saw. Thanks for the information.

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