June 20, 2012 – Scarborough, Ontario, Canada – 10:04 AM EDT

Photo & Enlargement of Object.

Photo & Enlargement of Object.

Description: Hi William: I thought to share a strange image taken June 20th, 2012 at 10:04 AM. While at work outside in the mid- morning break looking westward in Scarborough. There were some bright white flashes like a camera’s flash only lasting about a split second. So I thought to take some camera shots in the area. After reviewing some of the pictures I found this one quite baffling when examining this particular picture. There is a dark long streamline unknown anomaly caught on film. It appears near the hydro line at some great distance. I understand that insects can get caught while filming
This one has me wondering due to it’s extreme ‘long’ length associated. I truly have no idea what it can be in identifying. I sent this picture to my friend George whom enhanced the image for further study. He also agrees that it is not a bug, but something there at a distance. Being an unknown image I thought this would interest you being in the field of UFOs.

Note: This isn’t just an anomaly discovered in a photo. The witness saw something unusual and this object showed up in the picture. The shutter speed (exposure time) was only 1/160 second. Given this fact the “insect explanation” is not likely.

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