June, 2009 – Deming, New Mexico – 10:30 PM MDT



Description: My wife took a photo of a very interesting alien looking being. This was taken at night, outside of our home. She noticed a very bright light outside on top of the tree. She took a picture of the bright light with a camera with a 35 MM lens. When she had the film developed, this alien looking being was visible. If you have any questions, you can call me. We have two photos. I have the two photos in my possession. I do not have them in digital format. I may have to scan them and forward to you via e-mail.

2nd Report by Witness (In response to questions): I will sit with my wife and try to answer all your questions. I know the photo is a little difficult to read, however it does get you to thinking: What is it? The story that my wife shared with me is the following:

She was going outside in the evening to get the clothes off from the clothes line. When she exited the door, which is on the West side of our house, she noticed a strange light just above the tree line. The tree is about 15 feet away from the house. The tree is about 15 feet tall. If you look close at this picture there is a travel trailer behind the photo. You can see the door and a small window. Some of the branches from the tree are visible. My wife states that after looking at the light she ran back into the garage and took the point and shoot camera (35 MM) with her to take the picture. All she could see was a light. She saw no figures or shapes, just a light. She took the shot. She also states that whatever it was, it was very unusual to her. It was like something she has never seen before. The light was just hovering above the tree. She also states that she was not afraid, and knew that it would not hurt her. After taking the picture she went inside and the light was gone. She tells me that there is a hand that is trying to catch an infant being. You can also see that there are several of these apparitions or orbs circling this infant being as if though they were trying to protect it. That is our version of what we seem to be seeing in this photo. It is still a mystery to us.

I did mention the second photo to you, but I have not sent to you because I first wanted to see what your reaction was with this photo. If you are interested in the second photo, I can submit to you when you wish, along with a the story behind it. You will find this very interesting.

Just a note to you: This is absolutely not a hoax. I do not waste my time with things that are not true. I am a retired Army Veteran of 20 years, and worked for the Department of Defense. I assure you that what you are seeing is legit and real.

Note: The photo reveals strange details. Perhaps the witness is right and it is a strange entity (alien being)?

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