June, 2013 – Tewksbury, Massachusetts – 8 PM EDT

Description: I have been contemplating whether to tell someone this, but here goes. What I saw has changed my life forever. I would like to start with I am a completely sane 37 year old, sober person and not the only witness. I was coming home from shopping around 7 PM in June of last year. I was walking in my house and happened to look up. I saw an orange ball of light that was too big to be a star or anything else. I laughed and pointed it out to my neighbors and boyfriend. We all became tired of looking at it so we went inside. I then walked back out to the car and grabbed the rest of my groceries and started walking back into my apartment when I noticed a large ball of light like fire about 100 feet away across the street. I froze. The floating light was the size of a car, had no shape, it was like the air was on fire and I was not able to see through it. I was still frozen as it floated from across the street over to me and stopped about five feet in front of me. I was absolutely confused. I rubbed my eyes. I questioned if I was sleeping. I could of reached out to it. It hovered in front of me for several minutes. At some point I dropped all my groceries. It then moved and stopped above my house about twenty-five feet over the house. I then ran in and got my boyfriend screaming. He came out and by that time it was far above the house, to not make that big of an impression on him, he just said wow. I tried to explain my experience, but I can’t seem to ever get the reaction I am looking for. I actually went inside and called the police. They must of thought I was nuts. I just reported a light and I was begging for an explanation. My friend then came in and said he followed it down the street and it finally “went out.” I was hysterical not understanding what I just saw, I would imagine it was like seeing a ghost. Until this day I have researched orange balls of lights, and I hear or see my story constantly on TV. They are the same reports, same color and there are always more than one. I have no reason to make this up, and I want no gain of reporting this except to get this off my chest. I will never forget this and it has definitely changed me. What bothers me the most is my eyes. I couldn’t make sense of it. What was this? It’s the most amazing, confusing, frustrating thing I have ever seen and I just wanted to share this. Thank you.

Second Report: Hi again. I am from Tewksbury, Massachusetts and it was about 8 PM on a very clear star filled night. I remember looking at the first light way up in the sky and looking around at the other stars. I have thought and researched thunderstorms and even gas leaks and trust me, this was nothing like it. I forgot to mention that it was round, but a little flatter on the top. It kind of had no shape at all, but remained the same, if that makes any sense. It was the brightest thing I have ever seen. The color was consistent all around like the color of a red orange fire. It was not an orb. It started across the street then came up to me. It didn’t float like a balloon. It moved slow and steady close to the ground. It was almost like it was looking for something. This lasted 20 minutes or so. Others saw it, but not as close as I did which is frustrating. I tell you I was calm during the experience, but after I was confused and petrified. I keep thinking: what was this? The color stays in my mind all the time. I don’t know if this is related but I work for eye doctors. I am the office manager, and a day or two later I had my first eye infection ever. I don’t believe in ghosts, or aliens, but this has definitely got me questioning. My mom said it was an Angel, but then why did I get so scared and upset? I think an Angel sighting would leave you peaceful. The object was the size of a Ford Focus. I hear the closest anyone has got to a UFO has been 15 feet. I could of touched this. I almost did, but something told me not to. Thank you.

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