June 22, 2012 – Watauga, Texas – 4:35 AM CDT

2nd Witness to Sighting Took Photo of Trees Damaged by UFO.

2nd Witness to Sighting Took Photo of Trees Damaged by UFO.

Photo From  Google Street View Showing Tree Before UFO Damage.

Photo From Google Street View Showing Tree Before UFO Damage.

Description: A light appeared in the eastern sky at 4:35 AM. It was a huge ball of white light that reduced in size in seconds until it was gone. No aircraft were around. It reminded me of a stargate you see in the movies.

Note: The above “before and after” photos clearly show that something really damaged the trees. The “before photo” was taken in October of 2007. This photo was extracted from Google Street View.

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6 Responses to June 22, 2012 – Watauga, Texas – 4:35 AM CDT

  1. S.J. says:

    What was the unknown creature the woman spotted? Did they ever ID it? A rash of that has been happening lately. Is anyone out there a “ghost hunters” fan?

  2. S.J. says:

    I saw a UFO a long long time ago. It was in my neighborhood. I don’t remember much about it. How can I go about posting my report or conacting MUFON?
    sam jones

  3. Jon Hagner says:

    Bucks County, PA became a hotspot for UFO activity for several months in 2008. On 7/10/08 a woman reportedly observed an unknown craft discharging a glittering, flaky substance referred to as “fairy dust.” This fell onto several trees in her backyard and, after a short period of time, the glitter floated toward the sky to be captured by the craft. The witness had seen this craft five times during the “Bucks County Flap.” The number of UFO sightings dramatically increased and many residents had multiple sightings. Several years after the events, MUFON representatives, as part of a TV show, revisited the area to interview witnesses and gather trace evidence for laboratory examination. They collected samples from the affected trees and from distant vegetation as part of a control group. The case described above on 6/22/12 may provide an early opportunity for researchers to examine and test any trace evidence found on the tree exposed to the huge ball of white light. One can clearly see the damage inflicted on the leafless tree, especially comparing it to the photo taken in March 2007. There is a high probability that the tree will provide additional, unseen evidence resulting from this exposure.

  4. JP says:

    I live right where this happened. I was sitting in the house (I do not remember it being this early in the morning, however) and a bright light flickered in all the windows and I heard a loud “electric” noise. I assumed it was lightning at first then after a few moments the oddness of the light and lack of thunder made me curious. The noise did not sound like an electric shock, but almost like a sucking sound electric in nature if that makes sense, not something crashing through like lightning, but something leaving. I went outside a few minutes later and all the neighbors were outside pointing at the sky and the cops had arrived I guess assuming it was a down power line, but there was nothing there. A tree that was directly under where the light emanated is still to this day missing the top half of the leaves. The leaves were just missing all branches intact and not burned or even broken. The leaves were just missing and all the bottom half are still there and green. I can actually easily take a picture if anyone is interested. I did not originally think much of this until I saw a UFO report on this site and has made me really question what it was. I only wish I had been outside to see it directly.

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