June 25, 2012 – North Hollywood, California – 9:56 PM PDT

Description: I went outside to smoke a cigarette and as soon as I stepped outside the house I looked up at the waxing cresent moon and the stars. I was facing west. I noticed a bright white led light which was steady and just sailing along the sky. I removed my earbuds and heard no sound and got this funny feeling it was not your average aircraft (military or otherwise). It stayed lit for 30 seconds and began to dim off and when it finally dimmed down, it stopped on it’s northwest to southeast trajectory and just stood there like an ordinary star. I then began walking east from my house to go smoke near the apartments across the street, when I noticed a second light and thought “Oh there is another one.” As soon as I thought that, it too began to dim out, but continued sailing towards the other one. It was on a northeast to southwest trajectory. About 10 minutes later on my way back in the house a police helecopter flew by over my house. I Don’t know if it had anything to do with those lights.

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