June 26, 2012 – Moundville, Alabama – 10 PM CDT

Description: I saw a white light in the sky slightly bigger and brighter than a star. I thought it was an airplane traveling from northwest to the southeast. The normal flight pattern in this area is from east to west and west to east. I kept watching trying to spot the red and white flashing lights you see on planes. I never saw a flashing light and the bright light slowly started dimming and went out totally while I was watching. It took it 15 or 20 seconds once it started dimming before it went completely out.

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  1. Joel Small says:

    I witnessed such a sighting about two weeks ago here in Louisiana and it was pretty much a carbon copy of the mentioned sighting. Unfortunately at best this person and I only definitely saw “an unusual light in the
    night sky.” They might be what is called ‘a slow moving bolide’ or just something that goes ‘blink’ in the night.

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