June 28, 2011 – Montegridolfo, Italy – 7:24 AM Local Time

Video Taken of UFO & Still Photo of Winged Creature. View Below:

"Winged Creature" Photographed by Witness Near Time Video Taken.

“Winged Creature” Photographed by Witness Near Time Video Taken.



Description: Hi William: This my latest video. I hope you find it interesting. I wonder if people have reported this type of sighting? If so, Please can you let me know. Thank you.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: Thank you for your comment about my video: Montegridolfo, Italy. UFO and a Winged Creature. I guess time is important as I answered you in YouTube, I filmed it on June 28, 2011 at 7:24 AM. The UFO and the wing creature I think they are the same. The image is full of symbolism and it looks quite mythological.

Note: It is interesting that the witness took photos near the time that the video was taken. Slowed frame analysis shows an object streaking through the sky. This object could be a bird or insect depending upon show far it was from the videographer? However, the “winged creature” is not easy to explain.

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2 Responses to June 28, 2011 – Montegridolfo, Italy – 7:24 AM Local Time

  1. Joan says:

    I have pinpointed the date of this sighting to Aug 28, 2009. I believe that the other story I read was on or about Sep 3, 2009. In addition we were camping with friends later in September, and a large, yellow/orange light glided silently over our campsite. We all went down to the river to try to get another view. Although it didn’t reappear, I thought that I was once again seeing these creatures zipping about us, and also crossing the river at a distance. Although my husband didn’t see them at that time, a friend we were with did think he saw them. He and I also saw the brief appearance of two pinpricks of light in the sky above. The skies were clear that night, although we were next to the campground, and there may have been a trace of smoke in the air. Later, after returning to camp, my husband spotted what he initially thought was the approach of a large, low plane, with a triangular formation of lights, white at the front, red and bluish green at the back. Then it stopped and hovered silently in place. By the time he called me to look at it, it had disappeared.

  2. Joan says:

    In 2009, during a series of dramatic UFO sightings, we had occasion to observe similar creatures zipping around and over us. These were seen at night, by a large moon which was quite orange due to smoke in the air from a nearby fire. We could each see them in our peripheral vision, but were initially reluctant to even mention it to one another. However, I finally did, and my husband excitedly said that he saw them too. Our individual descriptions matched. My husband, who has very good eyes, settled in to try to see these things better. They came increasingly into focus, with one even pausing overhead to afford him a good view. He was later able to sketch them. They appeared similar to a Manta Ray, very dark in color, with a long tail. When they hovered, the wings had a much rounder appearance than what is depicted here. However, the locomotion they used could cause the more pointed formation depicted in this picture. They moved at speed consistant with the video. Interestingly, I later found a reference to a UFO sighting three days later, a few states east of us, in which the witness saw the UFO being followed by what looked like large, dark birds. Our impression is that these may be creatures that occupy our space without generally being noticed, and that the filtering effect of the smoke in the air made them visual to us. However, this event occurred a short time after some profound and unmistakable UFO sightings we had viewed from the same location making us wonder if they were related.

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