June 4, 2012 – Brick, New Jersey – 2:38 AM EDT

Description: On this morning, I was awake due to having trouble sleeping. I have had trouble sleeping for the past three weeks. I cleaned the bathroom floor and then made a bowl of cereal. I returned to our bedroom and placed the bowl of corn pops on my nightstand. Then I was compelled to go to the balcony. I opened the balcony door and immediately went towards the south of it. I saw a glowing orange ball. It then turned white. It came closer and closer. It was in the shape of a ball. I then turned to go back into the apartment to wake my husband and was hit by a bluish-white beam. I then saw it hovering closely as it pulled away slowly. I ran to the bedroom to wake my husband who sleeps lightly all the time. It took me five minutes approximately to wake him. I looked at the clock which read 02:38 AM. He finally woke up and came with me to the balcony to see what was no longer there. As we returned to our bedroom, my corn pops had turned to mush. I checked on our child who was sleeping soundly. I then went to bed and tried to sleep. This object was in the shape of a circle, changing colors from a reddish orange when it was in the distance. In the next spot it stopped in, closer to me, it was bluish white, then when it was less that 50 feet away from my balcony, it was a sharp, crystal clean white light. It came from the southwest.

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