June 5, 2012 – Maple Valley, Washington – 11:45 PM PDT

Description: I was walking my dog when I saw a tennis ball to a volley ball sized orb floating in the sky heading towards the ground. It was a bright red to pink color and had nothing attached or left a trail of anything. It was a true orb. As it was heading down toward the tree line it was starting to flicker a white light and dissapeared.

3 minutes later after I ran home and ran inside I came out and looked over my house at 11:50 PM and saw a orange orb floating from the tree line up to the sky. I was on the phone telling my dad what I was seeing. I yelled at my brother who came out and my neighbor was coming home from work and saw it in his car from down the street. The whole illumination time was approxamentally 8 to 12 minutes long. As it was getting to around what we figured was 800 feet it flickered and was about to burn out. There was a second light that illuminated almost exactly the same time the first one disappeared. It followed exactly the same path as the first light and at the exact same speed. It went half the height as the first one and disappeared.

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