June 9, 2014 – Sofia, Bulgaria – 11:30 PM Local Time

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Description: Bill:

Please, hello again my friend. I hope you are well. Please if you can explain these photos? The photos were taken 11.30 PM last night 9 June. They were taken at the usual place from my Balcony. I could see it with the naked eye prior to taking any pictures. It was a clear night with no storms and there was no wind.

I can say for sure it's not a plane nor a weather balloon. It was moving incredibly fast zig-zagging from side to side. It was nearly impossible to get a good shot. The photos have only been edited with only my name and nothing else. The date on the camera may be incorrect. I did not have time to adjust it.

The time here is 7.05 AM I have sent them to you soon as I woke up.

Note: We have received several photos from this witness over the past year. There has been no reason to suspect that the photos have been fabricated.

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