June or July, 2013 – Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand – 7 PM Local Time

Description: This all happened in June or July 2013, and it has never left my mind since and has had a big impact on my daily life. I’m on a mission to get to the bottom of this mystery. (This is long & detailed as I want you to know as much as possible, and also about the total impact this has had on me). I had a one-on-one experience with a UFO inside our house! (I say I call it a UFO, as it really was unidentified, it was hovering mid-air and I couldn’t identify it). It was a normal evening (7 PM) and I was putting my son to bed when I had this outer worldly, remarkable experience with something from another dimension. I am not sure if it was ET related or spirit related, but either way, it has turned my world upside down and inside out! I was reading my little 4 year old boy a bedtime story. We were in his room and he was on my knee as we sat on the bed as per usual. Suddenly I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye to the left of me. It was just about 16 inches (40 centimeters) away from me. Within arm’s reach was a hovering golden solid orange/yellow ball trying to catch my attention. I just froze and could not believe what I was seeing! It had just materialized out of nowhere. It was about the size of a tennis ball. I have seen orbs in photos, but it was nothing like those, which are quite transparent. This was solid. I studied science & zoology at the university so I have a very inquisitive mind, so I was taking my opportunity to view it from a science perspective. It was 3 dimensional, and looked like it wanted me to communicate with it. (But during the whole experience my worry was for my son.) I kept an eye on it while trying to remain calm as I didn’t want to scare my son sitting on my knee. I just continued to tell the story to him and mumbled out words that didn’t really make any sense and held the book up close to his face, wondering in my mind if I should ask him to look and see it too, but decided best not to. I could have tried to touch it, and maybe would have if I was alone without my son, I would have spoken to it to see what would happen. It knew I was looking at it. I was scared at the time and still am now. It’s hard to describe it’s movement.To me it looked like it was finding it hard to stay in one place and had ah jaggered kind of hover (like a hover fly). It did move further around to my left until it was over my son’s pillow (about 15 centimeters above it). I held my son tight on my knee, while studying this strange object, and then after a minute it disappeared. It either dematerialized or went through the bedroom wall itself! Then it was gone.

Please help me, if you can, I will wait to hear back. I feel very isolated here in NZ.

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  1. Barbara Griffith says:

    This sounds like one of the orbs that people see all the time, but this is the first time that one has been reported inside a residence. It’s a good thing the person didn’t touch it because I believe these orbs may have electrical properties that could shock a person if they tried to touch it or grab it.

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