June or July, 2013 – Milford, Ohio – 9 to 10 PM EDT



Description: I have debated whether I should submit this report or not. The reason is that I did not personally observe this object. It was seen by my Mother In-Law and Brother-In-Law. It was sometime in the summer or this year, 2013 (I believe in June or July). The time was early night around 9 to 10 pm EDT. My bother-in-law was sitting on our back stoop smoking a cigarette as we do not allow smoking inside our home. He was sitting on the stoop which faces north. While sitting there he noticed an odd looking orange object in the sky directly in front of him. He watched the object as it got closer and grew in size and determined that it was apparently a UFO. He stated that at first it appeared as just an orange ball (apparently because it was farther away), but as it got closer and larger, he could see that the object had a ring of orange lights around the center that were rotating around the object. Once he determined that it was a UFO he went inside and got his mother, my mother-in-law, to come and look at the object. She went outside with him to look. When they returned outside the object had gotten even closer and it was easy to see details in the object. It was a glowing saucer shaped object which had a thickness. Around the center of the object was a ring of orange colored lights which were rotating at a rather high rate of speed. My mother in-law was afraid of what she was seeing and went back in the house. My brother-in-law told me that after she went back in the house the object continued to come closer to the house until it was directly behind the house over our backyard. When the object reached the point behind the house it stopped briefly. At this point the glow of the object gained in intensity until it was brilliantly lit and it shot off at approximately an 80 degree angle and was out of sight in less than second. The way he put it was that it nearly just disappeared, but he could tell that it was actually shooting up into the sky. He also stated that the object disappeared so quickly from sight that had he not been looking directly at it when it shot off that he never would have even noticed it. The weather that night was clear and warm. Our home is located in a suburb and we have an unobstructed view of the sky from our yard.

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