Kingsland, Texas – 9 PM CDT

Description: A triangle of lights passed directly overhead as a friend and myself stepped out of my travel trailer. It moved north to south and was approximately 500 feet wide by 300 feet front to back. It made no sound. We heard just a low resonance. You could just feel it. It was translucent in the center of the triangle. It moved at a steady slow pace. Well it seemed slow because of it’s size. After it was out of sight I took my friend home without speaking a word. When he got out of my truck I asked if he saw what I saw. He said yes and we rarely speak of the incident. I know it wasn’t an aircraft as we know it. The lights where moving perfectly in sync. I have always believed in that we are not alone and this just made the belief stronger. I have always been fascinated with aviation and I have flown remote craft for 15 years. This was not an aircraft from here.

Note: The witness did not specify the year of the sighting. The witness said that the sighting occurred on July 2, but the year wasn’t listed. An email message was to sent to the witness to find out the date or estimated date of the sighting. Updates will be posted.

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