Large Bright White Object Shaped Like Hot Air Balloon.

Location of Sighting: Terrebonne, Oregon
Date of Sighting: November 9, 2020
Time of Sighting: 9:30 AM PST


Description: It was bright white and large, the size and shape of a hot air balloon but with no gondola. It came from the north and went in a southeast direction. I called the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office. A Deputy called me back. She was able to look up and see it even though she was approximately 4 miles away. She had to go on a call, but looked up an hour later and she still saw it. She said there was no record of anything from the airport of any flights of weird planes.

Note: I suspect that this could be a high altitude balloon, but I don’t have specifics about it. I have had reports of high altitude balloons in the past in the Portland, OR area. A check of winds aloft shows that winds above 10 thousand feet were from the north. The witness said that the object was moving to the southeast. This is fairly consistent with an object drifting with the wind. Of course we don’t know how the height of the object. High altitude balloons can be visible for long distances as they can be very large.

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