Large Dark Cylindrical Object Drifts Into Clouds

Location of Sighting: Richmond British Columbia, Canada
Date of Sighting: May 22, 1972
Time of Sighting: 3 PM PDT

Description: On a spring afternoon, as a young man, of 14, my next door neighbor and I were standing in front of our homes. I noticed, then pointed to a large, dark object in the sky slowly drifting into some clouds. We saw only the backside portion as it entered the clouds. It resembled a cylinder, rounded, no shadows or edging, no lights, no sound and not more than 4 to 5 miles away. The clouds as I remember gave it a good depth of field, clouds behind and in front. I use miles because back then that is what we were using. The object was approximately 2,500 to 3,500 feet high. Off to the SSW, there were puffy white clouds, broken, layered and scattered. Winds were light to moderate from the west. We lived very near the Vancouver International Airport, not more than 5 miles from the tower. When my father was a kid he witnessed the battle of Britain. We loved aircraft and I knew many as a 14 year old. It was bigger than a 707, longer and way thicker. perhaps 4X thicker, 2 to 3X longer. After it moved into the cloud I ran into the house and told my sister. She was 9 years old and she remembers me telling her about it to this day. My sister has since witnessed her UFO’s 2 years ago.

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