Large Dark Grey Triangular Object Moves Slowly.

Location of Sighting: Frederick, Colorado
Date of Sighting: July 4, 2021
Time of Sighting: 10 PM MDT

Description: I was sitting outside watching the neighbors across the street shoot off fireworks. I looked up to see his last rocket burst (for a better name). Off the corner of my right eye, I saw a large moving object to the right of the colored sparks. I turned to focus on the movement and saw a large triangular shaped object moving east to north-east at a slow speed directly above me. The altitude was that of a small plane like a Cessna getting ready to land. (I don’t know how to gauge that.) There were no lights and no sound. There was enough reflection on the bottom of the craft from the towns lights to see that is was a dark gray or silver. It took about 15 seconds to go behind my house.

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  1. Vicki Mcintire says:

    It was about 5 years ago, I think. I walked outside with my granddaughter and we were looking at a beautiful crescent moon in the southwest. My granddad said “what’s that?” Looking up to our right we saw a triangular shape moving slow and silent, no lights. There was no breeze. It was fairly dark but we were able to see the shape easily. After my granddaughter left, I kept looking up and noticed back to the East, something moving across the sky blocking out the stars. We would have never noticed this had we not been looking up at the moon.

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