Large Rectangular Bar of Red, Blue, Green Lights.

Location of Sighting: Between Ada and Allen, Oklahoma
Date of Sighting: October 10, 1983
Time of Sighting: 9:15 PM CDT

Description: My sighting was in Oct of 1983 around 9:15 PM, near the mid-point between Ada and Allen, Oklahoma, I had just arrived home after an evening class at the local college. I saw a large rectangular bar of lights that were red, blue, and green across the county road from our house. The bar of colored light ran along the front of the object and was contiguous with each color of light being distinct and not bleeding into the next color. It was very strange because I could not see any dividing structure between the different lights. On the undercarriage of the object was a very bright white round light shining down on the two horses standing still in the corner of the pasture across the street where two fence lines joined. The object was less than 50 feet off of the ground hovering completely still, making no sound or wind at all. The tall Johnson grass was very dry and made a rustling noise with the slightest breeze. There was a telephone pole just outside of where the fence line was for comparison of the height. The object was about 100 feet long based on the length of fence line it was hovering over. After watching it stand still for a couple of minutes, the object began elevating at a weird angle which I am guessing was about 60 degrees. After rising about 5 times higher than it was when stationary, it suddenly zipped out of sight traveling in a SW direction from our house. This object moved faster than anything I have ever seen. The whole time that I was watching the object, I was standing in the front yard facing south. Through the screen door, I could hear my husband speaking on the phone to a friend who was the auto mechanic teacher at the school where I taught science. Just as my husband started telling him that had I just gotten home and he needed to go because based on my face I looked like I had just seen a ghost. He had barely finished the sentence when my husband jerked the phone away from his ear, because the other teacher who lived at least 20 miles SW of our farm was yelling at his twin boys to stop screaming. When they would not stop, he commented that he needed to go and see what was wrong. According to the boys, they were jumping on their trampoline when a very large rectangular bar of colored lights (red, blue, and green) suddenly hovered over them and shined a very bright white light down on them. By the time their dad got out the back door to see what they were screaming about, the object had elevated and then zipped out of sight. They also mentioned that the object was completely silent and made no wind when it took off. They only saw the rectangular bar of red, blue, and green lights with a bright white light shining down on them. The white light went out before the object began elevating and then zipped out of sight.

I did not want anyone to know about the strange object that I saw. I was the science teacher of a very rural school system and knew that I could not explain the physical dynamics of how this thing moved or what it was. I just wanted to keep it hush hush. The next day the auto mechanic teacher and his twin boys and I eventually pieced together what we saw and the sequence of events. However, before we spoke I asked each of the boys to separately draw what they each saw before we compared notes. When they flipped their drawings over and compared it to the one that I had drawn freshly the night before, they were exactly the same. Strangely we each remembered the sequence of the three colors of lights with the image of a stop light, however the yellow was replaced with blue. One of the boys and I each wrote on the paper that there was no noise or air movement created by an exhaust even though it was so close to the ground. One of the boys had also drawn a telephone pole that was just behind the corner of their yard where the trampoline was. I thought that it was strange that at each location, a person had noted the telephone pole and judge the height of the object this way. It was also the phone lines and communication between the two homes 20 miles apart that connected our two locations. (Keep in mind that this is a very rural part of Oklahoma with both of us living on small acreage farms. There are no street lights out on the rural county roads.. It was rare for us to even have other cars pass in front of our house.)

I cannot imagine why any intelligent beings with the technology to fly an object the way this one was designed and could move, would hover over a couple of horses in a pasture across the street from my house where our telephone line connected to the pole; and then take off, stop and hover over the one house 20 miles away where a phone conversation was taking place connecting the two houses and then shine a light on the corner of the yard where the two boys were jumping on a trampoline a few years away from where their home phone line connected up to the main telephone pole. It makes no sense, but it still happened.

My now ex-husband recently moved out of our old farm house and found the drawing that I had made about what I saw that night. He said that he would store it for safe keeping in case either one of us needed to reference it in the future.

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