Large Rotating Disk – White & Blue Lights on Edge.

Location of Sighting: Virgin, Utah
Date of Sighting: May 27, 2021
Time of Sighting: 11:30 PM MDT


Description: The witness and a friend were driving from Zion National Park and were in Virgin, UT. They were traveling towards Las Vegas on Highway number 9. The witness’s friend saw a stream of rotating lights the size of a football field. It was rotating towards them. The witness’s friend took a video. They had stopped to take the video. The video doesn’t show what they saw. As soon as they started videotaping the object rotated away from them. The object was saucer shaped with white and blue blinking lights on the edges. Skies were clear at the time of sighting. The object was much bigger than a full moon.

Note: The lights show up in a few frames of the video. A still image has been extracted from the video. When viewing the video it appears that the lights are Star-Link satellites, but the witness said that she has regularly seen Star-Link satellites and that this object did not resemble these satellites. She said that the object was circular, rotating and that the lights were on the edges and were blinking. She also said that the video does not show what the object looked like. Based on the report I have concluded that the lights were not Star-Link satellites. There is some profanity on the video. This has been retained so that viewers can hear the excitement of the witnesses.

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2 Responses to Large Rotating Disk – White & Blue Lights on Edge.

  1. Observer says:

    Well, the lights in the video are definitely Starlink satellites. There was an appearance of Starlink sats at that location on May 27 at 11:30 PM. These satellites were from the May 26, 2021 SpaceX L28 launch.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, the lights in the video look like Star-Link satellites. Perhaps the witnesses saw something else. The witness did say that the video didn’t show what was seen. She seemed positive that she had seen Star-Link satellites before and knew what they looked like.

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