Large Silver Shiny Blimp Shaped Object Hovers.

Location of Sighting: Carolina Beach, North Carolina
Date of Sighting: November 8, 2017
Time of Sighting: 3:50 PM EST

Description: While driving down Dow road heading towards Kure Beach from Carolina Beach coming home from school I noticed a large silver shiny hovering object (blimp shaped, looked like a flying air stream camper) over the cape fear river (towards the Brunswick nuclear plant). It stayed there for about 6 seconds and then instantly was on the other side of Dow road (over the ocean side). It moved too quickly to be a plane or blimp. It then disappeared. I was with my mother and she saw it as well. We looked at each other in shock and she said “we just saw a UFO.”

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2 Responses to Large Silver Shiny Blimp Shaped Object Hovers.

  1. John Glosso says:

    I saw the same thing near Greensboro, NC just a few days ago. I have never report a UFO sighting, but what I saw couldn’t be explained. I tried to dismiss it as a plane, but it’s flight pattern was crazy and had no contrails (other planes did that day). I thought it could be a balloon, but it didn’t appear to be at the mercy of the wind. It was very silver and shiny and fast.




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