Large Spherical Object With Array of Bright Orange Lights.

Location of Sighting: Arlington, Washington
Date of Sighting: August 14, 2018
Time of Sighting: 9:18 PM PDT

Description: Last evening August 14, 2018 around 9:18 PM at dusk I was driving from Lake Stevens, Washington. I was driving North on Highway 9 and coming up on the round about at 172nd St. NE in Arlington, WA when I first noticed a large object that had a row of metallic type bright orange lighting which at first I thought it had to be the Moon, but I looked a little closer and realized it was moving across the lightly darkening sky very slowly and much lower than I thought. Then I lost sight of the craft as I drove North into Arlington. The trees covered up every chance of the view because the trees were up high next to the road.  I knew in my heart it was an object I had never seen before. I spotted the object again when I got down into the outskirts of Arlington so I decided to follow the craft. By then I was convinced it had to be a UFO. I took a left on 204th St. NE and
followed the road around heading north over to WA Highway 530 NE. I then took a left on Highway 530 NE and at that time I got a full view of the craft only it had moved nearly a mile away in the distance.  It was only maybe a 1,000 feet above the ground. I began getting closer as I was driving 55 mph which was the legal speed limit. Maybe 8 minutes later I decided after seeing a line of cars pulled over next to the highway with people pointing in the sky most had gotten out of their cars which is exactly what I did finally. I was getting a look at what I was sure was a very large sphere shape object with an array of lights all across what appeared to be the front of the sphere that stretched around the middle of maybe a third of the outer edge of the sphere.  There were a lot of lights on that craft. What was very strange the lights were so bright all you could see was a large black shape following directly behind it.

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  1. Barb G. says:

    Sightings like this is proving that we are under observation by aliens as we have been for decades. So far these ships don’t seem to be too interested in cars watching it. They go right on with their observations. I hope one of these days they actually land an introduce themselves.

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