Laser Signals Shined to Sky Invoke Exact Response.

Location of Sighting: Dilliner, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: January 20, 2018
Time of Sighting: 10:15 PM EST

Description: The witness called and report his sighting a few minutes after it occurred. The witness went outside to smoke a cigarette. He had a green laser with him that he used for his work. The laser has a 10 mile range. He shined the laser in the eastern sky. He flashed a signal with the laser in a sequence of 1, 4 and 3 times. At once a yellow light in the eastern sky at the exact position where he shined his laser produced an identical pattern of 1, 4 and 3 flashes. Nothing more was seen. The witness was flabbergasted and didn’t know what to think. The witness works for a oil and natural gas company and the laser is used to point out areas of the pipeline or towers that need maintenance or attention.

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