Laser Summons Red-Blue, Circulating, Pulsating Craft.

Location of Sighting: Guthrie, Oklahoma
Date of Sighting: Late June or Early July, 2015
Time of Sighting: 10 to 11 PM CDT

Description: I bought a 2 Watt 445 NM laser diode off of Ebay. I connected the diode to an electronic cigarette power source at 4.9 volts and the beam I swear would shine to space! There were three incidents where I called a UFO to me. Twice when I was in my backyard in Oklahoma City it took five minutes or less to appear. On those nights the craft was not pulsating. It was just white and literally came from the southeast both times to exactly where I shined it in a sort of parabolic and even zigzag flight path from spot to spot wherever I shined the laser.

The other time I was at my friend’s house in Guthrie, Oklahoma where you can get a really good view of the stars. I took my little telescope with me and I shined the laser and literally no more than 5 minutes later a red and blue circulating and pulsating craft came from the southeast in a nonlinear flight path to EXACTLY where I shined the laser, STOPPED there and hovered for at least 10 minutes. The craft was very high up to where I could barely make out the colors in my telescope. When the craft stopped moving I shined the laser directly at it a lot, but the diode was heating up and the beam was losing momentum (less bright). I was with my brother and his friend and we watched it slowly make it’s way back to the southeast. The craft LITERALLY kept going up into space until we could no longer see it. All three of us were so excited we didn’t think about recording it and I didn’t have a phone at the time or I probably would have. After that I switched my major to Aerospace Engineering and now extremely I am interested in using light as a particle to expel mass.

I have told this story to other classmates in Aerospace Engineering and they think I am crazy or a liar.

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  1. Donna says:

    I believe you because I do the same thing nightly

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