Late December, 2012 – Cathlamet, Washington – 4:30 PM PST



Description: I live in Cathlamet, WA. In December, 2012 I took a picture of this beautiful sunset and afterwards these objects showed up in the photo. I did not see anything with my naked eyes. The picture was taken with my IPhone, from my back deck. I am not sure of the date or time, but I have looked at the pictures before and after and I am thinking that the photo was taken around late December, 2012 at sunset.
Note: Normally I don’t excited about photos taken of sunsets that show unknown objects as they frequently can be the result of lens flares. However, I received comments from professional photographers that the lights (objects?) in this photo are not lens flares. Sometimes we can be too quick to explain away UFO sightings from causative factors such as lens flares, UAV’s, etc. Heck some of these sightings and/or photos could “really” be UFOS!

The lights in this photo could be visible only in the near infrared. Many cameras will capture images visible in a small portion of the “near infrared.”

Comment From Dr. Richard O’Conner (Local UFO Researcher): This is an interesting photo Bill. This is certainly a beautiful sunset and it’s appearance would have conceivably compelled an individual to want to capture it in a photo. One would think that at least one of these objects, especially the one which appears to be closest to the camera, would be large enough to have drawn the attention of the photographer if it was in the visible EM spectrum and it was moving slowly enough to be registered by the photographer as something in motion. We can surmise that it must have been totally silent, assuming it is indeed an object/UFO and not a photographic anomaly of some kind which it does not appear to be. Did the photographer report hearing any noise outside at the time the photo was taken? This compels me to wonder if all of us may be (not) finding ourselves in the near-presence of UFOs everyday and simply not be aware that they are nearby! This is the kind of photographic evidence that scientists might be able to look at, analyze, and turn into real information which would help to explain how UFOs function – if, in the first place, they were told that UFOs are real and are coming here. This might be a good photo to include as a slide in your presentation?

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15 Responses to Late December, 2012 – Cathlamet, Washington – 4:30 PM PST

  1. Ken Pfeifer says:

    I understand that today’s digital cameras have infra-red capabilities and this is why these craft show up in photos. We cannot see them with our eyes, but the camera can.
    Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks William Puckett for your great web site and interesting articles.

    • Administrator says:


      You are quite right. Film cameras had to have “infrared” sensitive film to capture infrared images. That is one of the many advantages of digital cameras.

  2. Scotty says:

    I don’t believe those lights are caused by lens flare, and if they are, it’s the first time I’ve seen lens flare show in perspective the way the lights appear. It’s nice to know there are still folk out there who are not afraid to go public with what they believe is the “real deal” concerning U.F.O’s. I was a photographer for many years and I believe I’m looking at a genuine photo of three Light Ship type u.f.o’s, and a beautiful sunset.

    • Administrator says:


      You are the 2nd photographer to disclaim the lens flare explanation. Sometimes we tend to try to explain these phenomena away too easily. Thanks for your comments.

  3. JOHNNY BARTEE says:

    So it’s a “UFO”. Does that mean creatures from other planets or dimensions are contained inside? Or does it simply mean the mass murdering U.S. government and military terrorists are far more advanced than one would prefer to believe?

  4. Matt Ridgway says:

    I am not a ‘de-bunker” or naysayer in any way, but these lights look like the reflections of interior room lights in a window. Did this person shoot this picture from inside their house looking out? Sometimes when your focus is on the far distance you don’t really pay attention to things like that. The near light is far too close, bright and prominent not to be noticed when the shot was taken. I think it’s a reflection.

    • Administrator says:

      Nope, the person shot this photo outside on their deck. That is very first question that I asked: Was the photo taken outside? So these lights are not reflections from glass and professional photographers have stated that the lights are not lens flares.

  5. Nikolaos Balaskas says:

    We have all taken pictures of sunsets or other beautiful panoramic sights through a glass window which upon closer examination show reflections of real objects such as ceiling lights behind us which we did not notice while taking the picture. I suspect that this is the case in this old picture too.

    • Administrator says:

      No, these are not reflections of interior lights off of glass. The photo was taken outside. I at first thought that until I verified with the witness that the photo was taken outside (from his deck).

  6. Bruno says:

    He says that he doesn’t know the date or time when they were taken yet even in uploading the images to computer that information would be available.

    • Administrator says:

      For some reason the EXIF data gets stripped off when files are texted from cell phone to cell phone and then to computer. Perhaps the newer phones retain this function.

  7. Rebecca Richardson says:

    As a Washington resident and pro photographer I am really impressed with this sunset shot with the three solid bright white circular lights in the sky. They sure look like the real deal to me [not lens flare or other light abnormality]. Fascinating how UFO’s seem to be “invisible” to our naked eye, but the camera picks them up.

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for sending your comments. Given that you are a professional photographer I think it significant that you believe that the lights could be the “real deal.” We UFO investigators are sometimes too quick to explain away sightings.

  8. Kenneth Larson says:

    Once again, the observer said he did not see the 3 objects in the sunset sky, but they later showed up on his film. This seems to show the objects may have shifted from one visual spectrum to the infrared spectrum so they were not visible to human eyes, but did show up later on the developed film. The scene 2012 is about 90 miles southwest of the famous nine flying saucers seen by light plane pilot Kenneth Arnold as he flew near Mount Rainier, Washington, June 24, 1947 (see his 1952 book THE COMING OF THE SAUCERS). Are the 3 UFOs of 2012 related to the nine Mount Rainier UFOs of 1947? Maybe time is shortened so that 65 years to us (1947 to 2012) could represent only about 90 minutes to the UFOs.

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments. Yes, sometimes objects show up on photos because they are invisible to the naked eye. However, the photo was taken with a digital camera so there was no film to develop.

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