Law Enforcement Officer Sees Several Aerial Orange Orbs.

Location of Sighting: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Date of Sighting: September 30, 2013
Time of Sighting: 8:42 PM CDT

Description: At approximately 22:15 hours, I was sitting on the end of my driveway in Eau Claire, WI, (USA) (latitude 44 degrees 51 minutes North and longitude 91 degrees 30 minutes West when I saw 8 to 10 bright orange lights approaching from the west, from approximately 260 degrees. These lights appeared to be following the lead light.

My upward angle of perception was approximately 120 degrees due to trees to the west and to the east of my location. There were broken clouds, at a height of around 3,000 feet??

The bright orange lights were above the broken clouds and it took approximately 1 minute from the time of first perception to the time they disappeared. The lights appeared to have a very faint white light that was traveling with them behind the second or third orange light, and resembled a very faint white star that was very far away.

I watched this group of orange lights as they disappeared from my view. A few minutes later more appeared. This continued for several minutes, ending at approximately 22:45 hours. During this time there were absolutely NO SOUNDS DETECTED. In addition, they were moving too fast to be “Chinese Lanterns.”

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