Light Flashes Blow Hole in Clouds.

Location of Sighting: Clinton, Washington
Date of Sighting: December 15, 2017
Time of Sighting: 6:30 PM PST

Description: The date of my sighting was on 12/15/17 and the location was on Whidbey island WA, near Clinton. I was outside with my dog at around 6:30 tonight on the phone in my backyard when a huge flash of light lit all of the cloud cover up like the 4th of July. The flash lasted only a split second. I turned to look at the direction of origin, only to see a second flash just as bright as before. It was a white light, but a green hew! I told my friend to hold on as I waited for some sound. There was nothing at all, but then slowly the cloud cover pushed open right at the point the flash had come from. Visibly the clouds were disturbed and forced open as so it looked as it now is a few minutes after the first flash. Then the clouds start pushing back over the perfect circle that had been made. I got one more glimpse of what seemed to be another flash, but it was almost a “V” a large green V that was just bigger then any stars, but blinked green one time and the it was gone. It went black and the clouds covered all the view I had. I stood outside for the next hour and never saw anything else.

Note: There have been other reports of UFO’s blowing holes in clouds. The disk shaped UFO seen at O’Hare Airport on Nov 7, 2006 is one of the most famous cases involving a UFO blowing a hole in the clouds.

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