Light Moves South, Flashes Brightly, Stops Then Zigzags.

Location of Sighting: Fallen Leaf Lake, California
Date of Sighting: August 18, 2018
Time of Sighting: 11 PM PDT

Description: My husband, a friend and myself witnessed this. We were all sober and clear headed. It was approximately 11 PM, when it began. The date was August 18, 2018. There were clear skies at the time of our sighting. We live in Fallen Leaf Lake, California in the South Lake Tahoe area. A group of us went out on the lake to watch the meteor shower. In the northern sky, about 35 degrees from the horizon, 3 of us saw a light moving like a satellite. It was moving North to South. It flashed brightly in the sky and then stopped. It then began a zigzag movement and then cicrled around, before stopping in front of a star. It again flashed brightly white and then disappeared in front of a star. A small object was seen leaving the area of the light, moving south. It looked smaller and dimmer then the first star. We kept yelling, are you seeing this? Is this real? I do a lot of star gazing but, I have never seen anything like it.

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