Light Stationary in the Sky for 2 Hours.

Location of Sighting: Carver, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: February 4, 2020
Time of Sighting: 6:45 PM PST


Description: A light has stayed in the same spot almost two hours. It’s still above while I’m writing. It has been stationed above the Cranberry Boggs across the street from 25 Center Street in Carver, MA 02330.

Note: The witness is looking at the planet Venus. The witness provided some comments below making an argument that he did not see Venus.

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4 Responses to Light Stationary in the Sky for 2 Hours.

  1. D L says:

    I never would have been able to get a planet that close in a zoom, I used my phone to capture images. Have you had a look? The ones I sent to your email?

  2. David L. says:

    I Can tell you with certainty this was not the planet Venus. It did move and then disappeared. Tell me? Did you zoom in on the photos? I was able to take ten photos. And after zooming in they were all very different meaning the object disk, to a cigar tube, then a spherical shape. The other problem is it had lights so again not Venus I’M SURE OF IT.I would be more than happy to send all photos to you and you are unable to zoom in I will send copies zoomed in. But I would love to see that Venus statement be taken off with warp speed I am positive it is not a planet.

    • Administrator says:

      Ok. You tell what you think it is and I will change the report accordingly. Just because I render an opinion of an identification doesn’t mean that it is right. It is my opinion. Normally UFO witnesses want me to provide an explanation which is why I operate my site. Zooming in really doesn’t reveal anything other than a larger image. The apparent shape change is quite likely due to camera movement unless you took the photos from a tripod.

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