Lights Appear Every 1 to 2 Secs. 40 to 50 Lights Head ENE.

Location of Sighting: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Date of Sighting: March 4, 2020
Time of Sighting: 5:30 AM CST

Description: It was dark outside and I was letting my dogs out when I thought I saw the International Space Station making a pass in the north sky below the Big Dipper heading east northeast. I looked up the ISS and it was not scheduled for a visible pass. I then saw what looked like satellites emanating just east of the ‘pot’ of the Big Dipper also heading east northeast. These satellites were appearing every 1 to 2 seconds. I called my wife to see this. We must have seen 40 to 50 lights. The lights then started appearing with a longer time gap between them. We also saw another 10 to 15 lights emanating in the west sky and going the same direction. The lights were not flashing and just looked like satellites. This happened for probably 15 minutes. I tried filming this with my phone video camera and another video camera, but it was very hard to see them. Did anyone else see these lights?

Note: The witnesses saw Star-Link communication satellites.

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3 Responses to Lights Appear Every 1 to 2 Secs. 40 to 50 Lights Head ENE.

  1. Laurie R. says:

    My daughter and I saw the same type of thing in the sky on the evening of 03/26/20 around 8:30 PM CDT. We are in Appleton, WI. They looked like bright stars slowly moving in the sky. They were not flashing and they would start moving from a still position. They would start moving one after the other in the same direction. There was a total of approximately 30 of them and it lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. The ones that we saw were moving slowly and all at a consistent pace. I have never seen anything like this in my life. It was very odd.

  2. Brandy J. says:

    I saw them in Rolla, Missouri on 03/05/2020. They were lines of orbs mostly going on the same direction passing the dipper. My boyfriend and I have been watching the sky this week at night and it’s the 3rd night we’ve saw something wild like that. Three nights ago we saw what looked like huge wispy long lines flying in the air, almost the shape of a long wide W. They would occasionally break apart from one into two smaller ones and they were all going fast in the same direction, but they were different sizes and not at all at a constant pace.

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