Line of Lights Aligned at 45 Degree Angle Move to Left.

Location of Sighting: New Concord, Kentucky
Date of Sighting: January 7, 2020
Time of Sighting: 5:30 AM CST

Description: At 530 AM I was hunting deer in a field near New Concord, KY. I thought I was seeing a meteor splitting up and grabbed my brother to get his attention. As we stared at it we realized it wasn’t a meteor, but a line of lights. They were aligned at a 45 degree angle with the horizon and moved from right to left. Since we both had binoculars attached to the outside of our camo we pulled them up and were able to focus on the lights. They seemed rectangular and formed a band. They were not like several ships in a formation, but literally were a band on the object. I can’t stress the size enough. It sounds unreal, but I guesstimate that the lights could have been 100 feet tall and a mile long all touching. We jumped out of our chairs and ran into the field to watch the object before it disappeared over the horizon of trees. The whole event lasted maybe 20 seconds It didn’t disappear, but continued traveling out of view. I called the police when I left the field. I’m a veteran of the US Air Force, husband and father of three, an engineering student at Murray State University. I’m not looking for attention or making this up. I am just hoping that someone else saw or reported what we witnessed. The sighting was this morning Jan 7, 2020.

Note: The witness saw star-link communication satellites.

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