Line of Red & White Dots Flash Upward Like Christmas Lights.

Location of Sighting: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date of Sighting: May 18, 2018
Time of Sighting: 10:15 PM Local Time

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Description: I was in my living room watching television, when I saw a plane passing through my house window. I have always been fascinated by UFOs, so I thought: what if this is not a plane? Then I got up to look. It really was a plane, but when I looked ahead, there were several white and red dots flashing like Christmas lights in a straight line. I thought it was some decoration, but then I realized it was impossible to be that. The object blinked like Christmas lights, several orbs one after another, some white and some red. And they went up and up and up always together. I felt extremely excited, anxious. I was shaking at the time it happened. Filming is not the best because the camera on my phone is limited and I was very nervous. My hands were sweating. The object slowly faded. The orbs stopped blinking and disappeared into the darkness. After that, I was still in shock and started to have a stomach ache. I got sick and had diarrhea. I do not know if it was something I ate or the shock. I think maybe the latter.

Note: The witness edited the video before sending it. I don’t have any indication that the video was a hoax.

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4 Responses to Line of Red & White Dots Flash Upward Like Christmas Lights.

  1. Jim says:

    Although it would be nice if this was closer, I see enough that I can confirm this very rare object to be a UFO. I have daytime video of a very similar object up close in the daytime that lasted over an hour that covered a slow wide circular path overhead in the 90’s in Oregon. The object was a metallic sphere with multi colors flashing over the surface and a random lightning like energy flash continuously jetting out the bottom in a straight line. The object then disappeared and then a copper colored sphere cluster was seen overhead with that same energy jet blasting out sideways not down this time. This was recorded. I never saw it again after this. Later in the year I saw the same type object in a UFO documentary seen by a hunter in Southern Oregon through his scope. It was identical to what I saw. This was one of the more interesting UFO’s I have seen.

  2. Observer says:

    It looks like a TV or radio transmission tower to me.

  3. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    We saw something similar in San Diego about 11 years ago. As I recall it was 3 whitish orbs stacked vertically. We heard no noise. And after a while they just faded out. They were too big to be balloons.

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