Long Dark Boomerang Shaped Object Hovers , Heads NW.

Location of Sighting: Nashville, Tennessee
Date of Sighting: February 16, 2017
Time of Sighting: 8:40 PM CST

Description: I always sky gaze and know how jets look apart from planes and planes from birds. The object I saw was pretty large still. The odd thing was it’s shape. It had no curvatures or signs of jets or anything. It was literally just a boomerang shape flying one way. I stared as long as I could and it kept going disappearing into the distance because my eyes could not see it anymore. At 8:40 pm as I was walking outside I noticed a long boomerang shaped object hovering above me heading northwest I believe. It had no lights other than a dark color resembling that of the sky and stars behind it. It was virtually silent and it flying probably 14 to 20 floors above me.

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  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Greetings to Mr. Puckett and also to the Tennessee witness who ‘volunteered’ this succinct and excellent report! I seems that this ‘boomerang’ typed of Unidentified Aerial Object has markedly increased in the last two three weeks, but maybe it’s just me; maybe I should rephrase that – but I’ve seen reports from on end of our Country to the other, and more than a few of these are coming out of Tennessee! There is so much to see in Tennessee, and above it as well!

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