Long Straight Line of Lights Move Across Sky.

Location of Sighting: Duncan, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Sighting: August 10, 2022
Time of Sighting: 4 to 4:15 AM PDT

Description: I saw a long, possibly two miles long or more in length, with hundreds of lights straight along bottom of craft moving slowly, without a sound, across the sky above the Cowichan Valley, moving in the direction toward Cowichan Bay. It was huge, dark, with hundreds of lights under the craft. I told my son to look up, he wouldn’t. He said “what is it?” I replied “I don’t know, a UFO, look up.”Hhe started walking fast toward our room and said “No” Lets go back to our motel room” I said “Look up.” He said “no” and I turned away, walked toward our motel room, and looked back the lights were either turned out, under craft or it just disappeared. It was huge. It was miles long.

Note: The witnesses obviously saw Star-Link communicatin satellites.

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  1. Leonard B. says:

    I saw a similar craft last night at Ediz Hook, Washington, USA, about 22:00, 8/19/22. It was long, straight, almost like if you took a passenger train, removed any spaces between cars, lit it up on the inside, and stuck it in the sky. It moved slowly, behind low foggy clouds, but was travelling at an angle. It was impossible to gauge size or distance due to the location in the sky. At first I thought it was a powerline getting a weird reflection from a ship in the harbor, but all the lights were white with a blue tinge, and I thought of windows when I saw it. There were no powerlines, and it would have been much higher than that as the clouds were at least several hundred feet up. I reached for my camera (I was looking for Northern Lights as there had been a solar emission) but when I looked up it was behind clouds or gone. I felt no threat or even like I had been noticed, and it was merely a several second glimpse between the clouds, perhaps 10 seconds maximum before reaching for my camera and cell phone. I was very close to the papermill, in a fairly lit area. I moved farther down the hook to a darker spot in hopes of seeing it again, set up my camera tripod and everything, but did not get another viewing. I’m not a UFO hunter. It was a surprise. I wouldn’t have posted this except it sounds similar and close enough geographically to be relevant. The grouping had a frame, had field of depth to the windows compared to the frame, and was obviously not high enough to be satellites. There was nothing for the “image” to reflect against, as there were stars in the sky between the clouds of fog, though I didn’t notice stars when I saw the bar of lights, as my vision was locked onto the lights, so the target may have had a larger body than just a row of lights with a frame. The lights weren’t bright enough to hurt my eyes in the way a car heading right for you at night would do, which is why they resembled windows to me. There were other people on the hook that night, so there may have been other witnesses. I didn’t get to see the Northern Lights, but I learned a bit about night photography while taking photos across the Juan de Fuca Strait toward Victoria, BC, CA, and of Port Angeles across the harbor.

    • Administrator says:

      Thanks for your comments. You and many others sighted Star-Link satellites. More have recently been launched. There are many in the sky (and more to come).

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