Long String of about 75 Lights Move in Straight Line.

Location of Sighting: Santa Rosa, California
Date of Sighting: June 18, 2020
Time of Sighting: 4:17 AM PDT

Description: I saw this morning at 4:17, a long string of about 75 lights equally spaced apart moving in a straight line on a northeast direction. All the lights were of the same brightness and all were moving at the same speed and direction. The lights were brighter than an average star, but not as bright as Venus. I just want to know if anyone else in Sonoma County, California saw this.

Note: The witness likely saw star-link satellites.

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3 Responses to Long String of about 75 Lights Move in Straight Line.

  1. Jim D. says:

    On June 18th, 2020 I was about 20 miles North of Las Vegas. My son and I were admiring the stars because there were no clouds out that night at around 1 AM. We both noticed as we looked to the north-northeast, high in the sky, a string of lights forming a straight line going in an upward direction very slowly. We both got out our cell phones and recorded it for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then they all seemed to take off very quickly and disappear. It looked exactly like a distant, busy freeway at night, but the horizon and the mountain tops were far below. Can anyone explain what this was?

  2. Jeffrey C. says:

    I just saw the same thing approximately at 3:35 AM. The lights were heading north at approximately 210 degrees off of north.

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