Low Bright Orange Spherical Object.

Location of Sighting: Greencastle, Indiana
Date of Sighting: November 10, 2016
Time of Sighting: 2:30 AM EDT

Description: Last night, a friend and I were walking home. As we separated, I noticed the moon hanging abnormally low in the sky, just above the tree tops across the soccer field at our college. It was a bright orange color, and only the upper half of it was visible, though the lower half was not obscured by trees or buildings. I called my friend back and we decided to walk over to an outlook to see it better. We both thought to take photos, but failed to do so. We walked about a block down the street, towards what we thought was the moon, and we looked away while talking. When we looked back up, the moon was no longer there. We did not walk downhill. When we got spooked and walked back to the original vantage point, the moon was gone. At first, we thought maybe it had set, but this all occurred in about two minutes. The moon does not disappear that quickly. There were no clouds. We also investigated online and couldn’t find any evidence of a super-moon that evening, or any scientific explanation for why the moon appeared to be waxing from the top down and not from one side to the other.

Ultimately, we’re both quite sure this was not an earthly experience. Whatever in the sky was abnormally large, bright orange (not the shade of the harvest moon), and disappeared quickly. If anyone knows anything about this, please comment.

Note: The witnesses quite likely observed the moon. The moon set at 2:34 AM at their location and was 80% illuminated. The moon was likely close to setting when they first observed it and may have been obscured by structures (trees, buildings, etc.) when they next observed it.

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