Low Flying Object With 3 Bright Flickering Lights.

Location of Sighting: Somerville, Alabama
Date of Sighting: January 16, 2018
Time of Sighting: 9:05 PM CST

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Description: My girlfriend and I had pulled into her driveway and talked for about 20 minutes. I noticed a very bright flickering light in the southeastern part of the sky fairly far away about 2 miles. We looked at it a little more and we noticed it stopped flickering. It stayed there in the same spot for another minute or two. We got out of the car and continued to look at it. I told my girlfriend I thought it was Venus because it was bigger and brighter than anything else in the sky. But, I was confused because I know Venus couldn’t be that close to the horizon. We continued to look at it more and it started to move in our direction very quickly and like it hasn’t moved before. My girlfriend was kind of freaking out. Once it got closer it moved in our direction and flew over the neighbor’s house right in front of us. We could only see the three lights it had giving it a triangular shape. It had a white and red blinking light as well. It moved very quietly making little sound. The creepiest part about it is how low it flew! it was only maybe 200 feet above us. It flew not very high at all which made the fact that it being so quiet was also very weird. No pilot would fly that low in this mountainous area at night. That is insane. It continued on in the Northwest direction and flew over onto the mountain overhead dodging the mountain itself by making slight turns. It looked like it could have landed on that mountain. However, I’m not sure if it did or could. I believe it was a man-made plane of some kind because of the red flashing light being similar to the ones on real planes, but it has to be some secret military plane or something because this plane can create an extreme amount of light from miles away, possibly stay in one place, fly very low, fly very quietly and maneuver through mountains at night. I have a video showing the object flying by. It is hard to tell in the video how far or big it was, but I didn’t zoom in at all. It was close enough to shoot with a BB gun and it really wasn’t that big. It was just the size of a small plane at least what we could tell. At the end, the lights get kind of blurry because we are in a heavily wooded area and it’s flying right in the little valley behind the trees. I wish I could have gotten the whole thing. I just can’t really explain what it really was.

Note: The craft is quite likely an airplane. Give that it was close and silent it could have been a secret military craft.

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3 Responses to Low Flying Object With 3 Bright Flickering Lights.

  1. Dudley says:

    Spotted at approximately 8:29 PM CST over Livingston, LA USA.

  2. Observer says:

    That’s an airplane or helicopter.

  3. Barb G. says:

    I agree. It may very well have been a military craft. The public has no way of knowing just what the military is hiding. It’s long been thought that they may have found crashed UFO’s that was used to reverse engineer the technology. These new fighter jets that you see may very well be some of that technology. When you look at them they remind me of the ex-wings in Star Wars.

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