Man Claims to Have Been Aboard Spacecraft – Jan, 1965.

Background: In early May, 2018 we received a letter from a lady in California. She had sent detailed notes of man named Sidney Padrick who was a friend of her father’s. She had the notes in her father’s papers. Her father is deceased. Her father was a contractor and used Mr. Padrick to help with jobs. Mr. Padrick’s detailed account of his experience was found in her father’s papers. Mr. Padrick claimed to have been aboard a spacecraft in the early morning hours of January 30, 1965. He was walking on the beach (Manresa Beach, California) because he couldn’t sleep. He reported his sighting to Air Force Project Blue Book. Project Blue Book was an Air Force study of UFO sightings which started in 1952 and continued until 1969. Project Blue Book concluded that Mr. Padrick was unreliable. The document from Project Blue Book (case number 9256) can be viewed below:



The location of the sighting (Manresa Beach, CA) is shown on the map below:

This is one of the earlier reported UFO abduction cases. The case really isn’t a “classic” abduction case because the witness (Sidney Padrick) voluntarily went aboard a spacecraft. The most noteworthy UFO abduction case was the case of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 in New Hampshire. The Sidney Padrick case was reported to Blue Book. A complete detailed account of the Sidney Padrick case follows. This is the first time that his detailed report has been published. His account was found in the papers of Bud Bollinger’s papers by his eldest daughter. Mr. Bollinger had no association with Project Blue Book.  According to Mr. Bollinger’s daughter Mr. Bollinger had no preoccupation with the UFO subject. (The account includes sketches of the craft by Mr. Padrick. However, the sketches have been reproduced and they are of poor quality so they are not included in this report.)

Readers can get an overall description of Mr. Padrick’s experience by reading the summary and highlights below.  More curious readers can read a complete detailed description of Mr. Padrick’s  story following the summary and highlights.

Mr. Padrick’s Summary and Highlights of His Experience:

First sighting about 02:05 local time – entered ship about 3 minutes later.

Size of ship: Appeared to be about 50 feet wide x 35 feet high.

Shape of ship: Appeared to be spherical like and somewhat flat on top and bottom.

No external lighting. Saw light only when door opened. No markings either inside or out.

Met gentleman,. His size about 5’10”, about 150 lbs. Very erect and perfect stature. Color lighter than white man. No hairs on arms or hands. Facial features appeared to be about that of Armenian race. No skin blemishes. Spoke perfect English, but very dlow and distinct. Normal audio level. Clothing appeared to be two-piece suit and shoes appeared to be part of lower part of suit. Color of suit somewaht of a bluish-white color and immaculately clean.

Inside of ship: Construction same throughout. All walls appeared to be radiating light, every room equal in brilliance except room first entered, which was much brighter. Could not see any direct lighting. Very comfortable temperature. No problem breathing. No sound heard inside ship other than that caused by myself and the gentleman walking.

No square corners on ship. Every room had rounded corners as if some kind of plastic like molding all same color. Color of walls almost same as clothing personnel had. Somewhat of a bluish-white. Every room had at least one chair. Elevator room had three chairs. Consultation room had eight chairs plus stool.

Ship known to have: One control room gentleman called “his.” Three other rooms on this floor of almost equal configuration with instruments. One room on this floor for relaxation. One elevator and food storage room.

Total rooms on this floor visited:

One Control Room
Four Operating Rooms
One Relaxation Room
One Elevator Room
Total on first floor known – seven

Second floor had:

One Relaxation Room
Four Control Rooms
One Elevator Room
One Large “Consultation” Room.
Total on second floor – seven known.

Persons know to be on board – eight plus Master – total nine.

Floors – two known and visited, but felt top floor not visited.

One chair in each operating room. One chair in each relaxation room. These chairs in each elevator room. Nine chairs in consultation room. Each room had cabinet forming part of wall with exception of consultation room.

These items are outstanding in my memory of what Mr. Ziena said to me.

  1. Their ability to see spot small object on Earth, humans for instance.
  2. They knew movement of aircraft and ships at sea.
  3. Their ability to speak any language.
  4. Their association with the Supreme Deity.
  5. How they took advantage of cloud cover and night.
  6. Glass I looked through in order to see other ship.
  7. I remember very well his color, size, and character, posture.
  8. Said he would be back.

Mr. Padrick’s Detailed Account Follows:


By Sidney Padrick, LaSelva Beach, California

Time: 0200 to 0400 January 30, 1965 (Approximate)
Place: Manresa Beach, California (Santa Cruz County)

I am 45 years of age believe to be sound mind and character and in excellent health. The events which took place at time and place shown above is an experience which I will long remember and hope to live long enough experience this same thing again.

Manresa Beach is located about 1,500 feet from my residence and I frequently walk to this same location and have made the walk as many as four times in a single day. I have on many occasions, walked this same route before at night and many times after midnight. It was not unusual to be at the beach at two o’clock AM on this date.

This story will include only that time spent during my encounter with the space craft and I will try to recall in full detail every word spoken by both myself and the person whom I encountered inside the craft.

My first notice of a sound came just as I was about to leave the Manresa Beach area and at first the sound I just assumed to be that of a train in the distance, which is not unusual at this time of night for this area.

Walking toward little bank which I had to climb up to get onto the railroad tracks, the sound appeared to be getting somewhat stronger and coming in with the normal sound of the surf. Being this time of night and everything very quiet and still except for the normal roar of the surf, this sound became quite distinct.

Stopping and looking around as the sound gradually increased with the noise of the surf, I on second thought figured it was a passing jet. However, the noise did keep increasing in volume level and I glanced across the sky looking for a jet type aircraft, but saw none and on a night this clear if it had been a jet, by all means I should have been able to observe some.

Just as I started to walk up the bank, I happened to glance at an angle of what I would assume to be about 30 degrees and a compass course of about 200 degrees and saw an outline of an unknown object which appeared to be approaching Manresa Beach. At this first sighting I would guess the object to be about 200 yards out over the ocean.

Watching for a brief period of time, the object continued to come toward the parking area on Manresa Beach as if to stop. As it was getting closer and presume to be about over the surf, I began to run up the bank to get on the railroad tracks. In trying to run up the bank in total darkness, I stumbled and fell and wrenched my left knee very badly and it was very sore for about one week.

Now I was on the railroad about ready to run for home and pausing just momentarily, I heard a voice which seemed to be coming from the approaching object. The voide said “Don’t be frightened; we are not hostile.” Wondering if this was directed to me, I hesitated and became very frightened. I must say I was frightened beyond any scare I have ever had and probably too much so to run.

Remaining where I was, the object appeared to approach within about one hundred feet from where I was standing and hovered as if to make a complete stop. At this point the object appeared to be about twenty feet above ground and again a voice came out: “Don’t be frightened; we are not hostile; we assure you of no harm.”

At this point the craft seemed to hover over the one spot and at once began to settle down near the earth at a height of what I would guess to be about 1 to 20 inches. As the craft approached to within this proximity, a large white flash appeared which momentarily lit the whole area around the Manresa Beach parking area.

Once again a voice came from the craft: “You may come aboard; we assure you of no harm.” I did manage to start walking back down the bank in order to get somewhat of a closer look at the object and on my slow and very frightened approach I  began to size it up for shape and approximate size both in width and height.

Up until now I had not seen any kind of light coming from the object as it did not have any external lights of any type or anything that would indicate what it was or where it was from. I roughly sized it up to  about 50 feet across and at mid point to be about 30 feet high from the best I could tell as I had seen up to now was just an outline.

As the craft rested at this point and I was approaching very slowly and casually, and perhaps as I came within about 20 feet from the object, another voice appeared: “You may come aboard; we assure you of no harm.”

It was apparent that by this time whoever the voice was coming from was not really ordering me aboard, but rather inviting me aboard. The voice appeared to be that of a male and slowly spoken with absolute perfect English. I could not tell from exactly what direction the voice was coming.

As I approached very slowly, a door nearby me opened up and a real bright light sined from the craft. The nearer I got to the craft, the more I began to wonder just what was inside. By now I was at the door. Looking inside, I saw nothing except an empty room. Stepping slowly inside, the door closed immediately in back of me. Once inside, a voice came. “you will wait there.”

I must have been inside this room for approximately one minute and during this time I was wondering if I would ever see my wife and sons again as I had not one inkling of an idea what I had just encountered. What made me go inside on this invite, I don’t really known as usually I am a very cautious person and will not take chances.

After being this room for about one minute and noticing also that the lights were very brilliant and I even caught myself rubbing my eyes on occasions. A door directly in front of me suddenly opened. Once again a voice came: “You may enter.”

As I entered and passed through this second doorway, still not having the faintest idea of what I was about to come upon, the door closed immediately behind me. Just as I had passed through the door, I glanced to my immediate right and lo, there was person, or at least what I thought to be a person, standing on my immediate right and at first said: “You will follow me.” We were in a small hallway and he said we were going to “his” room.

I followed him just as he had said and as  before, just as we entered “his” room, the door immediately closed behind us. Inside the room, I naturally began looking for whatever I could see to give me some kind of idea where he was from or who or what he was.

The first thing that this person said inside the room was” “You may ask any question you like,” but I did notice he made no mention of what he would do about answering. He continued: “We speak all languages, but I am the only one aboard this craft who can speak your language.” Throughout this experience, he did not once use the word “English language.”

Now, in somewhat of chronological order, I will try to recall the exact words spoken by both he and myself. the order of these questions might not be in order asked, but these questions were asked by myself and in some case I did get an answer.

I might point out that I had been in the craft for only about two minutes at this time and I was still very frightened and could hardly speak a word. Also, I had noticed that this person did not speak at once. He always hesitated prior to saying a word as if to be studying what to say. He also spoke at about half the normal speed of us.

My first question: Who are you?  “We are people like you.”

Where are you from? “We are from a planet which you cannot observe as it is on the back side of a planet which you do observe.” How did you get in here without being seen with our radar? We a real powerful radar station only a few miles from us? “Our craft is made with two hulls. The first or outer hull will allow energy to pass through it, but will keep out substances which would be harmful to our equipment. The inner hull will absorb energy, but will not radiate as you know it.”

I am assuming that he meant by not “radiate” was that would not reflect our radar signals. He did not elaborate.

What is your name? “You may call me “”Ziena”” or what appeared to be a sound like “”ZNO.””

At about this time point he told me I was not to touch anything on his craft without his permission. I do believe he said that as I was looking very hard for any movable object or writing of any kind which might be used for identity.

Continuing on, I asked: Are you alone this ship? “No, there are other. You will get to see them.”

At about this point, which I believe to be about 20 minute after my boarding his craft, he told me we were parked on a hillside in the mountains; that this spot where he was parked was used by a couple in the summertime to park a large house trailer, but was removed in the winter time due to bad road conditions. I don’t have slightest idea where this spot was or how long it took us to go there or when we got there as I had felt no sensation of movement. He also said I could leave the ship later.

Now the time had come for me to ask some real serious question, the first one being: What is your means of propulsion? He did not answer this question directly. What he did say was “Are you aware of, or to do you  have any knowledge whether or not your scientists have any means of transferring energy by light?” I told him I knew nothing of any such existence and furthermore that I was not a scientist. He did not elaborate on his mean of propulsion.

I might point out that in asking this question among many others pertaining to where he was from, how long it took him to get here, how fast they travel,  and about their means of navigation, etc. He was very resistant about answering with a direct answer. It was quite pronounced.

I asked: how do you navigate this ship? “We do not navigate this craft; it is done by our navigation craft with us.” Do you mean there is another craft? “Yes, there!” He pointed on any angle of what I would guess to be about 45 to 50 degrees, and lo, in looking into a small window like frame on the wall where he said to look, there was another craft appearing to be of great size and at a great distance way as if suspended in mid air! It was not moving. It was lit all over the surface with a faint fluorescent type light which he told me I see only by looking through this spot on the wall. I asked him how far out was this craft, but no answer.

What is your means of navigation? “Every planet has a separate and distinct means of identification for navigational purposes; your this planet, has the magnetic pole.” he did not elaborate.

Could I visit the others on this craft? “yes, we go. Follow me. They do not speak your language.”

We first turned around and left his room going through another door than that which I had entered through. I did notice that his room and one more on the bottom floor was the only rooms having two doors. I did notice one thing very outstanding; every door opened to the left of us and opened as we approached and closed immediately as we got through as if fully automated.

The first room we visited was similar to his room except for the placement of instruments and number. This first room appeared to be about 8 x 8 feet in size as did most all rooms other than “his” room. The second room as about the same with exception again of the number and placement of instruments.

At this point I had noticed on one thing in particular, that no one was sitting who I had seen before. Also in every room there was a chair forming a part of the wall and it was always on the forward side of the craft.

Continuing on, we left this second room, went into the a hallway and down; took a 90 degree turn left and entered a room still appearing to be 8 x 8 feet in size which he clled one of their relaxation rooms. He said at this point there was another like it which we would see.

Turning another 90 degrees while in this relaxation room, we left through another door into a hallway which led to another two room occupying persons working. The first one on this side was side was almost identical to the two we had just visited and still one person standing and working. The second room on this side appeared to be a computer type room with many roll chart like instruments, but I could not get close enough to see if any writing were on the roll charts. In this room appeared to be a female standing before the computers. In each room I had also noticed one thing outstanding in addition to the chairs always being on the forward side of the ship: Each had an affair looking like a cabinet of some type and it was always by the chair.

Leaving this fourth occupied room, he said we were going onto the next floor. We entered another room still appearing to be about 8 x 8 feet in size, bit in this case ther were three chairs. Pausing, he opened a small cabinet and removed a small box which he siad contained their food supply. I could see about forty of these boxes. He stood near the wall and said for me to stand near him and be still. I did. We began to rise to the second floor. Getting off the elevator we went first to a room which he said was another relaxation room. My curiosity was began to grow steadily and I asked him: “Do you live like us?”  Yes, in our own way.” Do you sleep? “No, not sleep as you known it, but we relax.” No elaboration.

Continuing on, I asked: How far is your home from us? “We do not measure distance in terms of miles, day or months as you do. We measure in terms of “lights.” “We are many lights away.”

How long did it take you to get here? “Many lights.” Still no elaboration.

Have you ever been here before? “Yes, we have been on this planet before.” He did not say where.

Do you have any means of fighting off an attacker if necessary? “No, but our navigation craft (again pointing upwards as before) can attack from many lights.”

Have you ever been attacked by anyone from this planet? “No, not this craft.”

How do you account for that? “We always come in under cloud cover or by night. We know your aircraft and ship movements. We can observe movements many lights away.”

By that, I would assume he mean’t he could observe movements even of small objects like myself many miles out.

Have you ever communicated with anyone on this planet? “No.”

Have you ever made an attempt to communicate with anyone here? “No.”

Do you have any plans for trying to establish communications with anyone here such as our military forces? “No. All nations here have tendencies to attack an unknown object without cause.” No elaboration.

I might point out one other item of interest at this time. At all times this gentleman spoke in a layman-like language which I could readily understand. At no time did he employ a word which I was not familiar with.

At that time I asked him just how fast this craft could travel. He did answer with a pretty direct answer “Our speed is limited only by the speed in which we can transfer our energy source.” Again he made no mention of what their energy source was.

Time was moving very rapidly and he said we must visit hi “consultation” room. It was down the hallway, but on the way we stopped in two more operating rooms which also had persons working and still appearing to be about the same general size, that of a 8 x 8 feet and all instruments of slightly different arrangement.

After leaving this second operating room, he said we would enter his “Consultation” room and we did by going a feet down a hallway and taking a 90 degree turn and then entering a room on our right. This room in my estimation would be  on the backside of the craft from where I had entered. It appeared to be about 12 x 18 feet in size and was finished throughout with a very beautiful colored material both on the floors and walls. The door also closed immediately behind us. In entering this room, I immediately started looking about me and on my right were three chairs against the  wall, one on my immediate right by the door and this was repeated on my left. Right chairs in all plus a stool or table like near what I would call the altar.

We had been inside this room for about one minute before a word was spoken. Inside, for the first time, he asked if I would like to sit down. I did just briefly. He also asked if I would like to pay my respects. I did in my usual way by kneeling before what appeared to e the altar, and lo, while in this position, I felt what I would say was a personal touch of of God. It was such a good feeling. I really couldn’t believe it.

I did not see him make any motions of any kind while in this room. He stood very erect and began to explain that on every trip or undertaking of any kind, they always went to this room for their “consultation with the Supreme.” In asking what he meant and if we were talking about the same “Supreme” which we refer to as God, He replied “there is only one.”

While in this room he began to explain a few facets of their life with my asking. “We do not have sickness. We do not have a police force. We have no vice. We do not have schools. We live together as one. Owing to our expected long life (96 Earth years). We have very strict birth control. “We teach our young shortly after birth to do their job and they do it well.” He said all this without hesitation with emphasis as if I should know  these things.

I must admit that throughout the whole stay on his craft this was the only time I was very relieved and felt that I was safe. Just as he finished, I knelt down and began to cry very hard. I could not help but knell and feel the many blessings fro heaven they always have and compare them with our ways of life. I must have cried solid for at least two minutes, but afterwards I was much relieved.

At about this point he asked if there was any specific time which I should return. I told him no, but I would go whenever he wanted me to.

Leaving his consultation room, we merely walked down the hallway leading to the elevator down and we passed two other operating rooms. The first was quite normal from what we had already observed several times, but the second was another computer type room and appeared to be directly above the same type room on the lower floor. All rooms were occupied by one operator and standing.

Just as we entered the elevator room, I asked if there was another room above and he did not answer; however, I believe there was.

We went down the elevator and just as we stepped out of this room, he told me I could leave the ship if I wished. I did. But he stayed inside. I went outside for approximately two minutes and started looking around for any landmark which I might remember should I ever come upon this spot again. All I could make out for sure was the contour of the mountain top and a tank about 75 feet away appearing to be a butane tank. I noticed gravel all over the ground where I was.

While outside, I walked clear around the craft and looked for any markings of any kind and again tried to approximate the size of this craft. Again it appeared to be about 50 feet across at the widest spot and about 35 feet high and still all I could see was the outline. I ran my hand up and down the craft for any kind of lettering and could feel that the ship appeared to be made from a very highly polished type of plastic material. I don’t really know what it was made from.

He did not come out. He soon said we must go. I entered the samall room just as I had down at Manresa Beach and once again I was locked into a small room and had to waint again for about one minute before I could get out and go to his room. I went directly to his room where he as waiting.

I do believe that this entry room was for the purpose of purifying my clothing prior to my entry into his craft. It was quite noticeable that the lights in this one room alone were much more brilliant than those inside the craft.

By now it must have been nearing 04:00, January 30, 1965. It seemed such a short time that he told me I must leave the craft. I don’t really know if the time of four o’clock has any real sigificance to his return or not, but he seemed to indicate that I should go at this time.

By now we must have either been over or on Manresa Beach as I really have no way of knowing since I do not know when we lifted off the hillside for him to bring me back down here.

I had all along kept reserving one question which I just had to ask this gentleman before I left his craft. I could not feel that his trip was here for a useless purpose.

I asked: What is your purpose for being here? “This craft is for exploratory purposes only.”

Will you come back after this? “Yes, we will come back.” However, he did not elaborate.

Will I ever get to see you again? He did not answer.

Now, in my mind, I had one more question which I just had to have answered since I had felt that they had singled me out for this experience where perhaps someone else with a higher degree of education could have gained far more knowledge, I had had to ask this question:

Why did you pick me for this experience rather than a scientist or a highly technical person who could have gained more knowledge through this trip with you?

“We did not pick you. You picked us. It was your choice alone. We invited you aboard as we have invited many others in the past. You are the only person ever to have come aboard this craft. In all cases of the past, the persons have been very badly frightened and did not come aboard.”

At this time he said: “You must go.”

About to leave, I looked at him and said: “I wish to express my deepest and most heartfelt appreciation to you for this experience.”

I turned and left the  ship just as I had entered and the door once again closed immediately as I had stepped down and reach our Earth.

Walking away from his craft, it began to increase in noise level and began to rise up to about 20 feet and then off onto about the same course from which it has come. I watched until I could not see the outline of a ship from Space which I had just departed. It was the most wonderful experience I had ever had. I hope to live it again.

I thing I forgot to mention, He told me the flash of light that appeared as he approached Earth was a heavy static charge they had collected in space and this usually happened whenever making contact with a planet. I was indeed relieved to know that.

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4 Responses to Man Claims to Have Been Aboard Spacecraft – Jan, 1965.

  1. Barb G. says:

    You know something because of the sighting I had when I was a kid I believe this story. He is trying to tell the world what happened to him and all I can say is good for him. I believe we are a planet that is visited daily by aliens just like these people. It could be they can’t understand why we are constantly at war they watch, but do not let anyone see them.

  2. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    I have read several books about abductions and this one stands out for several reasons. First, he was invited, not abducted, and second, they did no physical exam which is almost obligatory in these cases. Third, he was lucid throughout the encounter and captured a lot of detail. Some researchers believe many different races visit Earth both now and in the past. I don’t doubt his story even though “Blue Book” said he was “unreliable”. They use any excuse to close cases and most of the “best” cases never made it into the Blue Book files anyway.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, this was not an abduction case. The witness was awake and lucid throughout the whole encounter. Blue Book “poo-pooed” a lot of good cases.

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