Woman Claims to Have Contact With Strange Entities.

Location of Sighting: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Date of Sighting: May 29, 2015
Time of Sighting: 1 AM CDT

Description: I had a very real dream. I am not sure of the exact hour of this presence in my bedroom. The first thing I saw in the corner of my room was a female looking humanoid very long wavy hair. I didn’t feel alarmed and started to talk verbal words and immediately she spoke to me through her mind and request that I just think of anything and she will talk back with me this way because I couldn’t understand her when she spoke to the three tall beings on the right side of my bed and the one tall being on my left side near my shoulders. I was made aware that they were here to help me understand a few things in my life. That I incarnated this life because I was blue and had karmic debt I wanted to pay. She then told me there been looking over me the last few months and I am to get an implant in the back of my upper neck/scull, but not to worry as I would feel no pain. This would give me the ability to get in touch if I need help with assisting mankind on what is to come. I was unable to move. The tall being on my left carefully lifted my head and inserted the flat shining silver luminous small disk into place. I noticed the tall beings were in a grey metallic suit with human type body, but odd circle disc suction like fingers 3 maybe 4 at most. Their shiny suits had a glowing pinkish white light coming from the sides. They surrounded my husband and I. They had very piercing almond shaped sort of bug eyes. They were very gentle with me. They explained that it is time for me to know where I came from and being struck by lightning twice in my life unharmed and exactly 30 years apart was no coincidence it was to give me my untapped gifts and awaken my spirit to help during the approaching crisis globally. I thought people that believe in aliens were crazy until I was shown my purpose last night. I felt as if they have always been in my life. I know how this sounds as a registered nurse myself, but they knew private things that I didn’t tell anyone. I have been feeling this month like I am being watched, but shrugged it off thinking I was being watched. I felt deeply connected and about an hour ago I was outside smoking and I saw a large rectangular shape through the wind and clouds. I have been hearing these strange tones over a year now. I have been sick since October, 2014 with severe back and lumbar sacral pain. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and youthful. I did see my first UFO NEW YEAR 2014 here in Baton Rouge. It was a red orb that would puff out and disappear then reappear. It moved in odd patterns slow then fast all directions then hover around. I felt something strange through my entire being that night. I witnessed both lighting strikes once at age 7 other age 37. This sounds crazy, but like I said it was witnessed. The last time I woke up the next day with abilities that sound like a science fiction tale. I will let you know if I see or experience anything else as I feel like this might happen again.

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