Man & Father See Bright Yellow Light Streak Across Sky.

Location of Sighting: Dayton, Ohio
Date of Sighting: August 19, 2015
Time of Sighting: 12:30 AM EDT



Describe: On the morning of either August 19th, or 20th, at around 12:30 to 1:30 AM I was walking back to my dad’s house (which is right next door to the sighting address) with my dad, when I saw something in the top of my peripheral vision moving. I looked up and saw a yellow bright light moving in a straight line across the sky. It was headed from East-Southeast towards the Southern sky. It looked like a super bright star would, as it had a radiant diamond shape where it was bright in the center, but faded as you went outward. I would say it’s size would be equivalent to a JFK Half Dollar held at arm’s length. The sky at the time was very clear as I remember being able to see the moon, which was crescent shaped and in the southern sky at the time. The sighting lasted all of about 10 seconds, as the object soon stopped and quickly diminished into a tiny dull red dot in the sky, about the size a normal star would appear to be. Then it was completely gone. It had disappeared into the night. My father saw it too, after I made him look up to see it; though he kept on walking after viewing it for only about 3 seconds. I have been questioning whether or not to report this, but I have decided to hoping that someone else may have seen it as well. I wish I could have some “hard-evidence” to give you guys, but unfortunately I don’t. The attached image is from a Google search of “yellow diamond shaped UFO.” The shape and light distribution of it is spot on to the one I had seen except mine had more of a yellow hue to it. I appreciate your time and consideration.

Note: The photo that the witness obtained from another site is supposed to depict what he sighted. The apparent diamond shape in the downloaded photo is likely not true and the result of “cropping” of the photo by the camera aperture.

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