Man Finds Ghost in Background of Photo of Old Bridge.

Location of Sighting: Exeter Devon, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: September 12, 2015
Time of Sighting: 5:43 PM GMT



Description: Hi Bill: Just lately I have been seeing ghosts. I managed to photograph a medieval dressed ghost on the old ruins of Exeter bridge. The ghost appears to be that of a medieval man and only the top half of his body is visible. His legs are going through the floor of the old bridge. This is incredible. The ghost was not visible when I took the photograph. This is my second photograph of a ghost and it is definitely intriguing. The photograph was taken at 12 ‎September ‎2015, 5:43 PM GMT at Exeter Devon, UK.

Response From Witness: The bridge was built about AD 1200, when the river was much wider than it is today. Nine of the original 17 or 18 arches still stand, making this one of the most substantial survivals of Britain’s early medieval bridges. I have never taken a photo of the ruins before so I thought I would take some photographs of this historic structure. The ghost only appears in one of the photographs and there was no one on the bridge. The ghost is too small to be a man. If you look at the car on the road behind the bridge and compare the wheel of the car to the ghost you can see that the wheel is the almost the same size of the ghost. This makes no sense as the car is farther away from the camera than the ghost. This photograph is very strange and cannot be explained.

Note: Normally we collect only UFO reports, but occasionally we get other paranormal phenomena reports. We publish these reports because UFO’s and ghosts are really group under the paranormal. This also applies to big foot sightings and sightings of other strange creatures or monsters.

This witness frequently sees UFO’s and takes good photos. Apparently the same can be said about ghosts. Of course the photographer said that the person (or ghost) was not visible and only showed up in the photo.

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2 Responses to Man Finds Ghost in Background of Photo of Old Bridge.

  1. karl kushman says:

    This just looks like a teenage kid walking.

  2. Barbara Griffith says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts or big foot either. I just watched a show that tested the DNA of hair that was sent to a lab to see if it matched a new primate species but it was from a deer, a cow and the rest was contaminated with human DNA. They also had a elderly couple that admitted they were the ones that took the photo that has been floating around for decades as far as I can find out of big foot running away and looking back. The lady said she was inside a furry suit and told her husband that she was afraid somebody would shoot her thinking she was big foot. But UFO’s are a different story simply because of what I have seen myself. A large number are misinterpretation of natural phenomenon and some are aircraft flown by the Military, but it’s the one or two percent that nothing can explain that I have seen on this site.

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