Man Finds Unusual Body Marks.

Location of Sighting: Santa Ana, California
Date of Sighting: July 16, 2017



Description: I live in Santa Ana, CA. The marks will be visible for about 3 days. They don’t hurt or cause any discomfort. What I did notice is that would I would feel really tired as in if I was on the road for quiet a while. It happened almost in the same time, 5 years ago.

Note: We have received several reports of strange body during the past few years. The marks appear to be “unnatural” and generally disappear in a few days. Click here to view other reports involving body marks.

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2 Responses to Man Finds Unusual Body Marks.

  1. Jan B. says:

    OK my 15 year old granddaughter freaked out from strange marks on her butt cheek. She asked my opinion on what I thought it was. There was a strange pattern of 10 dots in the shape of an 8. The spots are not raised as in rash, but have appearance of blood spots. There is no tenderness or pain. Then this morning they look like they have faded, but now in another area there are 3 circular patterns in a triangular accumulation. This is so bazaar we have been nowhere and nothing in our home can create this pattern. Any advice?

    • Administrator says:

      Hi. I wish I knew what is causing these patterned marks that people are reporting. I don’t know. No medical people have ever made any comments on what they could be. I do get comments from medical people from time to time.

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