Man Had Close Encounter With UFO in 2011. Is Stricken With Extensive Cancer.

Location of Sighting: Marysville, Washington
Date of Sighting: June 18, 2011
Time of Sighting: 10:12 to 10:15 PM PDT

Description: Hi William:
I don’t know if there is any relation to the UFO that I saw hovering above me or not, but I have Lung, Liver, Prostate and Plura cancer and possibly tumors on my Kidney. That UFO was hovering above me at no more then 800 feet directly above me for a couple minutes and now it’s killing me. I will get my Pathology reports on Wednesday morning. Maybe it will shed some light on it. Anyway I just thought I would mention it to you and see if you might think there is any correlation. Thanks.

P.S. I think I saw it on June 17th 2010? I can’t remember for sure without looking it up! (Note the actual date of the encounter was June 18, 2011.)

First Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: Hi William: This happened at 10:15 at night in June of 2011. You did an interview with me on the internet radio and you also collected all the radar data that backed up what I was saying. I did not feel anything odd at that time. It was 2 years before I had any problems. The size of this mothership was bigger than a 747 and it was shaped like a plum. It hovered over me and 3 orbs went up to the craft and entered it from below.

More Information Sent by Witness in Response to Questions: I will be 58 on April 1st. I live a pretty healthy life. I don’t drink, do drugs or smoke.I used to do stretches everyday, until I started feeling ill and can no longer do them. I like to think I was doing the right thing for a long and healthy life. Feel free to ask any questions you need to ask and I will answer as best I can.

I had previously interviewed the witness on a radio show for EPIC (Extraordinary Phenomena Investigation Committee)
The interview can be heard on YouTube:

Click Here to Listen to Interview With Witness in 2011

Click here to read sighting report (June 18, 2011)

Note: I did an extensive investigation of this original sighting and found some unknown radar returns in the area and time when the UFO was spotted.

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4 Responses to Man Had Close Encounter With UFO in 2011. Is Stricken With Extensive Cancer.

  1. Lee says:

    Message to your experiencer: You might give consideration to the fact that you are close to the north end of Everett where carcinogenic substances from the defunct Asarco plant have polluted soil, air and water. For comparison, the Tacoma Asarco plume spread to Puyallup to the north and to Hawks Prairie, just north of Olympia, containing lead, cadmium and arsenic with God knows what else. The little government maps on their ecology website do not show this. My info came from independent testing results. The Superfund “clean up” dug up Everett yards and hauled the contaminated soil to Tacoma and used it as fill for the rehabbed Commencement Bay park, (where kids play and people fish) thereby adding to the pollution there. I just lost a dear friend in Tacoma to breast cancer who lived in the zone. Cadmium is directly linked to breast cancer. Moreover, Fukushima ejected its deadly contents shortly before your sighting and independent monitors have detected high radiation levels all along the Pacific Coast. That lovely morning mist of Puget Sound now has you breathing in hot particles. No, the government won’t tell you. I had my own encounter with the visitors in Gig Harbor in 1996 (also a contaminated zone). So far I have not had a cancer diagnosis. You could have received a radiation dose that had an additive effect on whatever you were already exposed to, or maybe the pollutants did all the dirty work. I left the state seven months before Fukushima, but did much healing work trying to remove all the heavy metals. Either way, I wish you healing and peace and hope you can find competent help. Health Ranger Mike Adams is testing water all over the US, I think for free. You might pack up a sample of Marysville water and find out what he discovers. Google him for instructions to mail samples.

    • Administrator says:

      Yes, environmental hazards can cause cancer. I worked for the EPA in Seattle for years so I am familiar with major environmental problems.

  2. Aileen says:

    Very interesting, Bill. Obviously the radiation caused the cancers. Too bad.

    • Administrator says:

      Good to hear from you. I feel bad for this guy as he is a clean liver and was a great UFO witness. The objects were close to him because the weather was inclement with lower visibility and cloud heights. The lights were very bright.

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