Man Hears Strange Noises in Phone Call Made From Crop Circle.

Location of Sighting: St. Vincent, Alberta, Canada
Date of Sighting: August 1, 2015
Time of Sighting: 8:30 to 8:36 PM PDT

Listen to 7 Minute Phone Recording of Call Made From Crop Circle:
(Warning: there is Some Profanity on Call.)

Description: Hi: Last night I had an experience with what I believe is extraterrestrial. I was walking through the middle of a wheat field over by St. Vincent recreational grounds, when I stumbled upon what looked like crop circles. The crop circles did not look like circles. There were many different patterns and three of them were scattered and looked like claws. They had what looked like three big paws and a thumb. The two other ones were almost oval shaped. When I was standing in one of the crop circles, I decided to call my friend Reese. The phone rang twice and then I got an answer. But the thing is, there wasn’t really an answer. I heard a summary noise, and then very fast speaking, but not English. It was something else I could not understand it and it was no human language. And this went on for about the first minutes of the seven minute phone call. After that it was just whispers and the whispers sounded like they were saying help me and at the very end of the call the noises from the beginning of the call played again and then they hung up. I am sorry that it is kind of hard to explain this over text, but if you would like to hear the full story and good detail, feel free to call me.

Note: I interviewed the witness and only found out that the call was recorded after I asked him that question. Normally cell phone calls drop if they aren’t properly connected. This call lasted for about 7 minutes. (The taped call can be heard above.) The witness called his friend about two hours later when he was not in the crop circle. The call went through fine. The witness said that his friend did not get a call from him earlier. (You can hear the witness mentioning his friend’s name thinking that he was “messing with him.” Of course there is no evidence that this case is not a hoax. The witness and his friend could have conspired to create the call, but given the obvious interference I doubt if this was the case. Of course it is known that crop circles cause interference with electronics. Perhaps this could be the cause of the interference?

Update – Aug 8, 2015: In response to my question regarding the operating condition of the cell phone after the above incident the witness stated that he uses his cell throughout the day and has never had another problem with it.

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4 Responses to Man Hears Strange Noises in Phone Call Made From Crop Circle.

  1. Bill Hughes says:

    I get those sounds on my cellphone all the time especially when the signal is weak. They are indeed “weird” but are caused by digital modulation techniques employed by the cellphone provider and not the aliens.

  2. karl kushman says:

    Just some guy recorded smoking weed and speed it up and down back close to normal and messing around. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy asking is the guy “talking.” Plus it’s recorded from the phone the kid is calling. Fake as it gets.

    • Administrator says:

      I don’t think that it is fake, but it could be due to interference. Crop circles are known to cause malfunctions of electronic devices. No, I don’t think that he was talking to an alien!

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