Man Loses 36 Hours Time in Aug, 1990.

Location of Sighting: Centralia, Washington
Date of Sighting: August 17, 1990 (Estimated)

Description: I didn’t witness anything. I experienced 36 hours of missing time. In Aug of 1990 I came home from work, watched Miami Vice, and went to bed at around midnight. I was 17 years-old and I was home alone.

When I woke up, I walked into the kitchen and my mother was folding laundry. Since she only folded laundry on Sundays, I asked her why she was doing it on a Saturday. She told me it was Sunday. I said, “What? Where did Saturday go?”

I called some friends to confirm the date since I thought a joke was being played. When confirmed it was Sunday, I became upset. I asked if anybody saw me the day previously. My mom and brother were both home on Saturday, but they were “in and out” according them, doing this or that. They told me that my car was in the driveway, and that my bedroom door was closed (as it always was since my mom smoked and I had asthma), and they figured best not to bother me. How convenient!

The subject and questions caused my mother to become concerned about potential drug use causing my behavior. Being accused of doing drugs to cause my missing time really REALLY made me mad. It was as if they were dismissing my experience altogether. It essentially make life extremely difficult and I found that it was best not to even mention the experience. I was upset because if I had a child who slept for 36 hours without waking up, I would be very compassionate and understanding so they wouldn’t feel rejected or ‘weird’.

Since the episode, I see life much differently and my mind if more open to things that can’t be explained.

This year I dug around and found two reports from Washington State that witnesses said occurred within a week of my experience. In one, a witness in Port Angeles was in a hot tub and saw a massive black ship pass overhead. And in Gig Harbor, another witness in a hot tub saw a massive black ship passing overhead. Each witness felt they were being “checked out” as if the pilot of the ship was looking for something or someone. I now wonder if the hot tubs the witnesses were in were square because I slept in a queen size waterbed. Could the ship have hit on the witnesses because of false positive in their search for me?

I have also discovered that I have areas of complete memory loss several weeks before and several weeks after the missing time episode. For example, someone from high school said they bought some goods from me when they saw me at Hummer’s Burgers. At first, I thought they were mistaken because I had lived in Centralia, but never heard of Hummer’s Burgers, and I love hamburgers. Then relating that with another friend, he was surprised I didn’t remember Hummer’s because he worked there and he said I was a customer! Also, when I moved back to Centralia, I would oftentimes see familiar faces. But, I also began to run across people who would know me, but I wouldn’t remember them and they would be very surprised and sometimes angry. I didn’t realize it was because when I had met these people for the first time, it was during that year when I had my missing time. So now, when people ask if I remember someone and I say no, and if they give a surprised look, 99.9% of the time it’s because I met them for the first time in 1990. If I met someone before the missing time, I remember them just fine.

There are other memories that seem to return after being forgotten, and many of the events I do remember from the time of the missing-time episode. Those memories seem altered or artificial. For example, I recall standing outside the door before Spanish class because a cute girl would walk by. I have two memories of her walking by, one from the front perspective, and one from the side, and each memory is sketchy, like an old VHS tape with cracky image.

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