Man Notices Symmetrical Dots in 3 Rows in Middle of Back.

Location of Sighting: Hoffman Estates, Illinois
Date of Sighting: June 11, 2020

Description: I am a male in my 30’s here out of Hoffman Estates, IL. My girlfriend has noticed symmetrical dots in 3 rows in the middle of my back yesterday June, 11, 2020.  There was no pain or itching involved.  The dots are not raised.  I don’t recall having any dreams in the past although some years ago I experienced sleep paralysis.  I’m wondering if there is a logical explanation to this.  Perhaps it is a side effect from medicine.  I’m wondering if anyone that experienced it has taken Zoloft or Olly brand multivitamins.   The dots have never appeared on my body before and the only things that I have changed are the medications I’m taking.

Note: Many have reported strange symmetrical markings in the past few years. Most of these experiences remained unexplained.

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