Man Recalls Close Encounter With Circular UFO.

Location of Sighting: Union City, Indiana
Date of Sighting: 1955
Time of Sighting: Late in the Evening

Description: I was 19 years old (I was not on drugs or liquor) and walking home from my girlfriend’s home when I heard a noise above me so I looked up. At first I did not see anything, but then it moved slowly in to view (traveling about 20 mph) and stopped and hovered above me (about 200 feet) for a short while. I still could hear the noise and there was a reddish light going around the object in sync with the noise. After a short period (maybe one minute) the noise began to accelerate and then in about 3 seconds at a 45 degree angle the object flew away from and was out of sight. As I said it was a moon light night and I could see for miles into the sky. The object was round and convex on the bottom. I could not see any doors, hatched, windows or lights with the exception of the light traveling around the edge.

After that I went home and told my parents I was very scared and my parents called a doctor who gave me something to make me sleep. The next morning I told my mother I was not crazy and that I did see something. So she called my, dad’s brother who worked at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton Ohio and told him about the incident and he came to see me. After I told him what I saw, he said that he would send two Air Force Officers to talk with me.

The next day two Air Force Officers came to my house and talked to or I should say listened to my story. They said that they were with Project Blue Book located at Wright Patterson Air Base in Dayton, OH. I also took them to the location where I saw the flying object. It was very large about the diameter of the length of a commercial airline passenger plane. Before they left I asked them what was the object that I saw. Their answer to me was “How would we know. You saw it not us?”

I am now 77 years old and have never reported this incident to any other government agency. Can you tell me how I can get a copy of the report if one was filed?
P.S. I spent 22 years in the military and in that time I never saw anything even close to what I saw that night. I also worked for Brown & Root Engineering company, as an engineer for 30 years on some military projects (example: Diego Garcia Island) and again I never saw anything like what I saw that night.

Note: I have searched the Project Blue Book index and did not find any reports in 1955 for Union City, Indiana. There were some reports from other cities in Indiana and several for Dayton, OH which is the location of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Dayton is about 40 miles Southeast of Union City, Indiana. I mentioned that no reports show up in Blue Book for 1955. The witness thought that the sighting may have been earlier (1952 to 1954). A subsequent search revealed that a sighting that occurred on Oct 22, 1954 was reported to Blue Book. I obtained the Project Blue Book reports for 1954 and found the case for October 22, 1954. However, it differs from this witness report and may have been an unrelated sighting. A couple reported the sighting by sending a letter to Blue book. They said that they saw multiple objects. The objects were cigar shaped. Click here to read the letter describing the sighting that was sent to Blue Book. Perhaps the witnesses reported the same object(s) as the above witness?

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2 Responses to Man Recalls Close Encounter With Circular UFO.

  1. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Thank you Mr. Puckett for posting this particular report, and to the person who submitted this report to you. I was seven years old in 1955, and was vaguely aware of the phenomenon that was called “flying saucers” as one child at my school whose Father was stationed at Whitman Air Force base outside of my home town of Sedalia, Missouri told him and his family of the base radars picking up returns from ‘something’ over the air base. I also remember viewing a couple of extremely odd aerial objects over the town in daylight hours, but I was just a boy and lacked anything in the way of critical review or judgement of such things. From my knowledge of other UFO reports of that time, I think that there was some intense aerial activity happening in our hemisphere of some sort, but the source of it is not known.

    I think that we have been, are are now being frequented by some body of aerial phenomenon and object that could be extraterrestrial and/or from somewhere nearer than another world, and my central interest in this is just what the purpose(s) of these exactly are.

    I also offer a salute to this witness who is also a twenty-two year Armed Service Veteran.

    • Administrator says:

      We are about the same age. I was 8 years old in 1955. The witness said that Blue Book officers took his report. I was not able to verify that the report was taken. A check of the Blue Book index did not reveal any UFO reports from Union City, IN.

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