Man Recalls Close UFO Encounter & Lost Time.

Location of Sighting: Rock Springs, Texas
Date of Sighting: November or December, 1990
Time of Sighting: Evening

Description: A man was on his ranch sitting outside by a fire. He saw an oval shaped UFO land near his ranch. The UFO made a “buzzing” sound. He then recalls seeing two beings walking towards him. He described the beings as ‘gray aliens’ and they walked like Penguins. He next recalled “coming to” six hours later. He said that he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor before the incident. After the incident doctors could find no sign of his brain tumor.

Note: The witness called to report his sightings. He described 2 sightings about 8 years apart. It was difficult to interpret the facts of each sighting. He did state that he lost 6 hours of time in the first encounter an apparently was cured of his brain tumor.

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  1. karl kushman says:

    Wow that would be amazing if it is somehow related.

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